It’s lunchtime, there’s no one else in the office, BJ O’Clock!

Another quick one today……

So, I’m sitting in my office (just now), minding my own business when he calls down on the phone:

Can you come up here a minute?”

Up I go to find him reclined in his office chair with his pants & jeans around his ankles; dick in hand.

Suck me off would ya?”

How could I refuse?  I walk over, unbutton my blouse, kneet down between his legs and take a long hard look at his long hard cock. Yum yum.

I start by licking his tip; flicking my tongue slowly in and out of his hole.  Then, while I continue to work on him with my tongue, I let my lips touch him. Gradually, I let him enter my mouth and I start to suck.

As his soft, smooth head is fully inside my mouth, I start to ring around it with my tongue. He tastes salty today.  Round and round I lap at him, then I remember his balls.  I stroke them with my fingertips and I can see them tighten and then relax. I take them in my hand and squeeze a little as I take his shaft into my mouth and then into my throat. He is fully inside me now.  He groans.

While I deep-throat him, I lick up and down his length and caress his balls some more; torturing him with pleasure.

He loves deep-throat, but he loves head more, so I let his cock slide out of my mouth until he’s only half inside me. Then I go to work on him. I am sucking his head, licking his shaft and frenulum and wanking him off.  I look up to watch him enjoy the show. He is lost to me now.

I pull his skin down to his base and grip his cock. I focus only on his head. It is engorged. As I suck it hard and quick. I feel his orgasm mounting under my hand. I grip harder, making him wait.  Then, when he can bear it no more, I take him right into my mouth, and as he spurts his hot tasty load into me we are both moaning with pleasure.

As I do up my blouse, the phone rings. Back to work.