Monthly Sex

There’s a particularly delicious advantage to having discovered anal sex; for those few days a month when vaginal sex is out of the question (for us anyway), we can still have lots of fucking fun!

We were invited to a wedding reception at the weekend, so we had a whole child-free evening to ourselves. My man is not just expert at pleasing me in the bedroom (and the lounge, kitchen, bathroom, garden, car….) he is an awesome dancer too. It’s one of the things that first attracted me to him, and dancing with him never fails to get me horny.

I was disappointed with the monthly timing of our rare night out, but I’d bought a new dress; classy in beige with black lace panels, and very, very short. I put it on with my sky-high black heels. My legs are long, smooth and tanned, and I wanted to show them off for him.

Little dress

He looked typically handsome with his dark hair and rugged good looks, in his jeans and smart shirt & tie combo.

We arrived to see the bride looking stunning and our friends already sitting chatting. We headed straight to the bar and ordered a couple of bottles of white-wine. Time to get the party started!

He thought I looked hot and he was enjoying seeing the looks I was getting from the other guys in the room, knowing he would be having me later. He didn’t leave my side for long. Walking around he kept his hand on my tight butt and he ran his hand up my inner thigh whenever we sat down.

We’d only been there for a few minutes and I was already desperate to get him home.

We chatted for a while as the party started to hot up, and worked our way through the first bottle of wine. Once the bass beat kicked in, we couldn’t keep off the dance floor, and I couldn’t take my eyes of my hot guy; the best dancer in the room and ALL mine! I’d have let him take me there and then if he’d have wanted. He could tell I wanted him and, while we moved to dance in the corner of the room, he slipped his hand up inside my panties and started to play with my ass. I let him touch me while I kissed him deep and long. I could feel his erection pressing against me. I wanted to feel it inside me.

We rejoined the party crowd; raving and drinking shots, dancing and jumping around. We drank more wine and got more and more open with our touching and feeling. It was time to go somewhere private….

Once I got outside, I realised how drunk I was, but managed to stumble into the taxi and snuggle up real close to my man. I didn’t take my mouth off his, or my hand off his hard cock for the whole of the journey home. We managed to keep our hands to ourselves just long enough to thank the baby-sitter and see her out of the door before we bolted for the bedroom.

Before we’d even got through the door, I whipped of my panties. He thrust his hand up my dress again and as he played with my butt hole, I arched my back into his hand and kissed him again, my hands reaching down to let his hard cock free.

Keeping my legs straight so that he could finger my ass, I bent down and pulled down his zipper. I could feel the heat of him as I touched his cock through his underpants. He felt warm and hard, and as I pulled down his waist-band, his beautiful manhood bounced out and into my waiting mouth. He pushed his finger into my ass as I took his pink, shiny delicious head into my mouth. Oh fuck YES!

From the taste of his pre-cum on my tongue, I knew he was ready to have me now. He turned me round, pulle up my short dress and pushed me face-down onto the edge of the bed. Kneeling on the bed, facing away from him, with my feet hanging over the edge, I buried my face in the quilt and pointed my butt hole at his cock. He licked my hole (oh baby!) And then he covered it in lube.

Given we were both almost-falling-over drunk, there was no slow, gentle insertion. I grabbed his cock and thrust my ass towards him. I could feel him against my hole and I wanted to feel him inside me. I pushed back towards him as he grabbed my hips and pushed forward into me.

My ass opens wide for him as he forces his whole cock inside me. He feels enormous like this, and so long! I am filling-up with him. It hurts and it hurts *good*. In his drunken state, he’s lost his usual tenderness. He withdraws almost completely and then fucks me hard again. I want more!

I hook my toes over the edge of the bed for grip, so I won’t move as he fucks me harder and harder.

I think I’m in heaven as he nails me hard…. Then he grabs my hair; I *know* I’m in heaven. He pulls it and fucks me as I push back and fuck him harder. We are grunting. I can feel my orgasm starting to build.

He reaches round with his spare hand and grabs my tit. He squeezes it as he pinches my nipple, as he pulls my hair, as he fucks my ass. My fingers play with my clit and I am lost in the moment. My whole focus is on the feeling of him inside me as my ass and pussy throb with in escapable pleasure. My fingers are dripping wet with my cum.

As my orgasm starts to ebb, we change pace again. He withdraws completely and lies down on the bed. His cock looks good enough to sit on, so that’s just what I do.

Facing away from him, I lower myself down onto his waiting erection. He feels so big as I sit down with his cock buried in my ass. I am on my knees and I grab his as I bounce up and down, letting him slide out and then bearing down as I thud back down again, over and over and over again, pounding him. I look down and enjoy the view; my bare, hair-free pussy is swollen from my orgasm just now…

Oh shit, I can feel another one coming. Oh yes, I am going to be able to watch myself cum!

As I ride him like a cowboy, I watch my pussy as I let myself relax into my building orgasm. It’s here. My ass, my pussy, my whole body is warm with tingling pleasure as I gush. I am fucking him so hard now, and with each deep thrust his cock is bringing me more waves of pleasure. I am watching as we are soaked with my pussy juices, they are flooding over his balls, over my pussy, down to his cock. I never want this to stop…

He pulls my hair again, forcing me to change position, forcing his cock deeper inside me. I grab my pussy and furiously finger my clit, as he moves his hips backwards and forwards, rocking in and out in little movements. I am still cumming. He grabs my tit again and he is torturing me with pleasure. There can’t be any cum left inside me. We lay rocking while my pussy floods the bed and slowly my orgasm abates.

I want him to cum. I ask him to cum on my face.

I climb off him, enjoying the feeling of his cock gradually pulling out of my ass as my pussy twitches. I lay back down on the bed as he kneels above me, his cock dangling tantalisingly over my face. I stroke my pussy. I am throbbing and still wet as I also reach up and stroke the stubble on his testicles. He wanks over me. His cock, fresh from ass, looks slick and hard. I play with my clit, enjoying the sensation as he groans above me. I want to feel his hot seed on my face.

His hands are a blur as he wanks faster and I feel my fingers rubbing my clit in time. He stops, grabs the base of his cock and grips while he ejaculates onto my face, into my open mouth.

He is delicious. I love him.

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It’s lunchtime, there’s no one else in the office, BJ O’Clock!

Another quick one today……

So, I’m sitting in my office (just now), minding my own business when he calls down on the phone:

Can you come up here a minute?”

Up I go to find him reclined in his office chair with his pants & jeans around his ankles; dick in hand.

Suck me off would ya?”

How could I refuse?  I walk over, unbutton my blouse, kneet down between his legs and take a long hard look at his long hard cock. Yum yum.

I start by licking his tip; flicking my tongue slowly in and out of his hole.  Then, while I continue to work on him with my tongue, I let my lips touch him. Gradually, I let him enter my mouth and I start to suck.

As his soft, smooth head is fully inside my mouth, I start to ring around it with my tongue. He tastes salty today.  Round and round I lap at him, then I remember his balls.  I stroke them with my fingertips and I can see them tighten and then relax. I take them in my hand and squeeze a little as I take his shaft into my mouth and then into my throat. He is fully inside me now.  He groans.

While I deep-throat him, I lick up and down his length and caress his balls some more; torturing him with pleasure.

He loves deep-throat, but he loves head more, so I let his cock slide out of my mouth until he’s only half inside me. Then I go to work on him. I am sucking his head, licking his shaft and frenulum and wanking him off.  I look up to watch him enjoy the show. He is lost to me now.

I pull his skin down to his base and grip his cock. I focus only on his head. It is engorged. As I suck it hard and quick. I feel his orgasm mounting under my hand. I grip harder, making him wait.  Then, when he can bear it no more, I take him right into my mouth, and as he spurts his hot tasty load into me we are both moaning with pleasure.

As I do up my blouse, the phone rings. Back to work.






He was away on business last week. I missed him so much! Still, we managed to keep ourselves busy, and the welcome home fuck was mind-blowing (I’ll write about that next!).  I thought I’d share how we spent one of our more horny evenings….. This is a transcript of our texts:

OMG this is so horny! Check it out xx Tweet:

Wow, did you say I can watch this live?

Me with another girl? Oh yes!

I watched a cam girl for a bit, but I gave up. I’m gonna go get more wine…

Do u want me to sext you? If I was there I’d push you on to the bed and pull down your trousers to release your hot hard cock. As it bounces out at me I’ll lick the pre cum from your head and slowly, slowly take you whole manhood in my mouth…..

Oooo more more. The mood I am in, I would pinch your nipples really hard and watch…

…As I grind. I’ll suck your bell end, running my tongue around it, playing with your frenulum. I’ll be playing with ur balls, stroking them & rubbing your perineum. As I take you right into my mouth I start to play with my pussy. I look up at you while I suck and play to see if you’re enjoying it….

I watch you playing with your shaved pussy, rubbing it, your juices already all over it, I can see it glisten, I smack your bum, it hurts you and surprises you. You concentrate on my dick, while I reach down and insert a hooked finger into your pussy and jerk upwards…


You are so rude, let me taste that bad boy NOW!

I’m actually getting wet reading! As you toy with my pussy, I suck you hard. I want you to come in my mouth now. I want to taste you. I use my hand to wank u off as I concetrate on suck, licky, tasting, wanting your head…

I jerk my finger, you get wetter, you are wet, I can feel the pleasure building as u jerk more, i pause and I slap your bum again, really hard, harder than before, my cock is deep in your mouth and you don’t want me to stop jerking, but the slap.. make you want to orgasm…

Send picture I want to cum!

Cherry pants

Ok, I turn you over lube up and enter your ass hole, slowly and gently, I enter you…..

The feeling is exquisite pain & pleasure, filling me, making me want all of you inside me. I push back towards you, pushing ur cock into my ass x
Me: OMG! Well done honey, Bet that feeeels good 😉 Can u cum inside me next time…. please x

Not hot, but real

I always intended this to be an account of our lives, which are pretty damn crazy all the time,so it seems like a warts and all account of our session last night (gushing orgasm, oral, dp, but not ‘mind blowing’ – he was too stressed over work) would be the authentic way for me to go.

I had a Hollywood rather than my usual Brazilian on Monday; I’ve been absolutely rampant since starting to blog about our fucking, so it seemed fitting to go the whole way. Anyway, things were a little sensitive Monday night so by Tuesday I was gagging to be licked, kissed, adored, fucked, pounded, anything he wanted to do to me.  I could tell he wasn’t quite his usual self, no touching or squeezing and knowing looks in the evening. Still, when I appeared in my very, very tight halterneck, floral dress (no pants) he got an immediate, impressive boner.  He told me to take it off….

I slowly, slowly pulled up the hem of my knee-length, skin tight dress to reveal my tanned thighs, and then my beautiful, smooth, kissable pussy. I couldn’t resist giving myself a little stroke, my fingers running along my labia, around my hole, my hand moving up my flat stomach to my breasts, a little pinch…As I pulled the dress over my head, I knelt on the bed before him, legs wide apart.  He lent towards me and kissed me right where I wanted, but it wasn’t with the passion I was hoping for, and the spark wasn’t immediate.  His tongue went to work and I could feel the ember of more desire, and laid back to let him go to work on me. His fingers found my vagina but he was going through the motions.  A little disappointed, I gyrated my hips and found myself getting hotter.  More thrusting into his hand and mouth and I was starting not to care.  He came up for air and I wanted to taste myself on him. I grabbed his face and pulled him to mine, thrusting my tongue into his mouth. I licked his lips, his face, grabbed his hand and sucked his fingers.  I wanted him inside me. I felt for his cock but he wasn’t quite ready for me. I KNOW just what to do about that bad boy.  I leaned down and kissed the tip of his semi. I licked around his head, kissed it again, and gradually sucked him all the way into my mouth, pausing, nuzzling, wanting to  drink him up. I stroked around his balls, gently tickling them, only just brushing them with my fingertips. I ran my fingers along his perineum towards his anus, back towards his cock, over his balls, still sucking on him. It was starting to work. I deep throated him.  I had to be fucked. I started to finger myself, working on my clit, round and round, then delving deeper. He wanted me now.

He grabbed my shoulders and pushed me back on the bed. He pushed into me hard. Fuck,too quick. I tensed and he pulled out a little, then pushed back into me, slower now, kissing me. Trying.  We found our stride and the rhythm was working its way through my body, easing me towards orgasm.  He squeezed my nipple and my thrusting became faster, urging him to pound into me.  He squeezed harder and I could feel myself letting go. I was squirting. Yes!  

One of the unexpected joys of being completely smooth is the lack of traction. He slipped out of me! Hey, no bad thing. That’s just another excuse for him to rub the tip of his erection around my wet pussy lips, around my clit and then into my hole, pushing deliciously slowly into me again. The sensation, after my orgasm, an onslaught of nerve-tingling pleasure.  He thrust into me again but I could tell he was tiring.  I know what to do about that….

I push him off of me and back onto the bed. I look into his eyes and say: “I know what we need”.  

I mount him. I bend down and kiss him as softly as I can. Slowing things down. Showing him I am going to love him into submission. I kiss him again, use the tip of my tongue to lick around his soft lips.  I move up and down his erection tantalisingly, deliciously slowly. My tongue slides into his mouth and he responds. I kiss him deeper, harder. I bear down harder, I have to sit up, feel him against my g-spot. I grind, grab my tits,squeeze. I am moving faster. He isn’t pushing into me. I reach down and grab his ass. I pull him and I push into him.  It’s not going to work. I dismount and smile.

Me: “Hey, you’re stressed, you ok? You made me come anyway. God I love it how you do that”

Him: “Sorry, I slipped into your arsehole with no lube”

Me: “Err, no you didn’t?!”

Him: “Really? You are so tight today!  Let me do that again”

I mount him again and he fucks me hard. I want it now. I rub my clit. I rub my tits. I reached round and massage his balls.  He’s hitting my g-spot again. Oh my word, here it comes…. I gush all over him.  I luxuriate in my orgasm, slowly writhing. I move off him and bend down to lick my cum from  his stomach, balls, dick. He groans. He grabs me and pulls me to his side, wanking himself.  I want a bit of that action and lay down next to him, fingering my hot, wet,smooth mound. He sees what I’m doing and watches, I bend round. Still finger-fucking myself, getting in position for that tasty cum of his to hit me in the face.  I am about to climax again and I feel him tense. I can’t stop myself, as I cum again I manage to suck the end of his cock and drink him up. I save a little to share and we kiss hard and deep again.

We lay there exhausted and spent.  We’re wet, we’ve come.  He starts to talk business.  I resolve to wank myself to sleep later.

Tender loving care

I had a wobble yesterday. After weeks of night after night of the most amazing sex, squirting, gushing, blogging, pictures and new toys (which followed months of already mind-blowing sex), I woke up feeling distinctly unhorny.  I panicked, scared that even an hour of feeling anything less than aroused would mean our sex life was over. There’s nothing like trying to make yourself feel sexy when it’s not happening to make you feel frigid, so I went into a bit of a downward spiral.  Even a sneaky bit of early mornimg cunnilingus and fellatio didn’t help matters. We resolved to stop trying and take the day as it came.  Me in a black mood, him (as it later transpired) mulling over ways to get me going again. By the time we’d got the kids to bed I still didn’t feel like anything was going to happen.  Then my expert man stepped in…

He asked me not to dress-up for a change. He wanted me naked.

I’d had a shower so I was still damp, and the cool air on my breasts started to make me perk up, literally.  He was already naked and told me to lay face-down on the bed.  Eager to please, I did just that.  He’s always been thrilled by my tan lines, so I made sure I arched my back a little, so he got a good view of the white triangle on my tilted-up arse, and of course check out my holes. He started to pour massage oil over my back, dribbling a little down my arse and crack, the sensation of the oil trickling down towards my butt hole and vagina was deliciously soft and tickling me in just the right way.  He got to work with his hands then, smoothing the oil slowly up my slim, tanned body, from my gently arched back, to my shoulders. His wonderful hands putting just the right pressure on my muscles, soothing away the day and my concerns. Soothing away my inhibitions, little by little. He knows where my buttons are, and as he continued to massage my shoulders and upper back, he started too kiss me gently on the base of my neck, then along my shoulders. I could feel myself slowly coming around, the tingles of pleasure stirring me. I sighed. He sat back up and straddled me. I could feel that his massage was already getting him excited, and I slowly gyrated my hips, so that I was rubbing up and down his meaty erection with the top of my butt crack. He responded by moving backwards and slowly, pushing against me, continuing to massage my back and shoulders, getting firmer in his strokes. Oops, his penis found it’s way down where the oil had dribbled earlier, its tip flicked gently passed my anus and nuzzled into my now-moist vagina. Oh goodness me, I think I’m starting to get my mojo back.  He is wonderul to be able to do this to me…

Slowly, agonisingly slowly, he pushed his manhood into me. Gradually filling me with him. Filling me with desire.  The familiar tingling was making me push back into him, raising my hips from the bed, arching my back more. Pushing my face into my pillow. He grabbed my hip bones and pulled me towards him. Held me there, still.

It felt like he had filled me until he clenched his butt and pushed harder again into me, while pulling my hips further into him. Full now, and completely aroused by my sensual massage, I rhythmically moved my pelvis backwards and forwards in tiny little movements. Wanting to arouse him as he had aroused me. As I pushed out, I beared down. As I pulled back in, I clenched his erection tight in my vagina; feeling him, enjoying the movement of his penis inside me.  He bent down so that his chest was against my oil-slicked back and reached round to fondle my breasts.  His hands were still lubed from the massage and as he squeezed me, his hands naturally slid around, his fingers pinching and pulling at my bullets.  I can bear it no longer. I pull away from him so that I can roll over and see him in his manly, oily, expert, hot fucking splendor.  Looking down between my wide open legs he gently kisses my clitorus, adding a little lick to make me groan with delight.  His left hand squeezing my right breast, his fingers tweaking my nipple, he slides his 2 fingers into my vagina, and rotates his thumb gently on my clitorus.  I want this man to have me now.

Writhing in unexpected pleasure, I grab his delicious manhood in my hand. I’m pretty sure this thing is growing by the day! I have got to give it a little lick to be sure… I twist my body so that I can lap at his head and frenulum, while wanking him, while he continues to wank me.  He tastes so good, I have got to have him.  I toy with his bellend for a while, ringing it with the tip of my tongue, sucking at it, licking out the drops of salty precum.I slide my mouth slowly down him. He has DEFINITELY grown. It’s going to be good to fuck this monster very soon. He fills my mouth,I let him push hard into my throat. I use my free hand to grab his butt and thrust him towards me, pushing his cock deeper into me, licking the skin at the base of his penis. I push and thrust again and again. He groans.

I move my mouth gradually back up his penis, licking his shaft, until I can look up into his face.  He is contorted in ecstasy. I pull my wank hand down towards his balls while I move my mouth up his shaft so that his can watch my tongue as I rub it around his bellend, kissing him, sucking him. Looking him in the eye. He has stopped working on my breasts. His hand now grabbing my hair 1, 2, 3 thrusts of his cock into my throat and he pulls me roughly off him.  Looks at me with lust and kisses me on the mouth. Hard and deep.  We are a tangle of arms and legs, cock and breasts, oil and saliva.  I am on my back and he is entering me again. He slips into me, then with a final thrust, he is buried. He moves his arms behind my legs, so he is supporting them behing my knees, my feet in the air and his cock pushed deep, deep in side me.  His deep slow movement get harder and he gyrates his hips so that I can feel his cock against every vaginal nerve. My labia now full and throbbing, my nipples bullets, my orgasm mounting.  I lift up my head to kiss him and he returns the favour. His tongue and mine fervently seeking out more pleasure. We grind against each other over and over. My orgasm buildling more and more, I move my hand down so that I can rub my clitorus.  It feels so good. As I reach climax am no longer in control. I am finger-fucking myself, and being fucked by the man that I love. As he feel my juices flowing he is too close to stop. He withdraws and pushes his erection into my pubis. I feel his sticky hot seed on my flat stomach. I feel another rush of liquid as I push my fingers into myself. I am groaning, the sound mixing with his. I want to taste him.  With my juicy fingers I rub his cum into my stomach and over my breasts, watching him watch me.  I lick what’s left, sucking his cum and mine from my finger tips… I am me again. I love this man who knows me intimately, who knows what to do with me, who knows how to pleasure me. I could want for nothing more.


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