Monthly Sex

There’s a particularly delicious advantage to having discovered anal sex; for those few days a month when vaginal sex is out of the question (for us anyway), we can still have lots of fucking fun!

We were invited to a wedding reception at the weekend, so we had a whole child-free evening to ourselves. My man is not just expert at pleasing me in the bedroom (and the lounge, kitchen, bathroom, garden, car….) he is an awesome dancer too. It’s one of the things that first attracted me to him, and dancing with him never fails to get me horny.

I was disappointed with the monthly timing of our rare night out, but I’d bought a new dress; classy in beige with black lace panels, and very, very short. I put it on with my sky-high black heels. My legs are long, smooth and tanned, and I wanted to show them off for him.

Little dress

He looked typically handsome with his dark hair and rugged good looks, in his jeans and smart shirt & tie combo.

We arrived to see the bride looking stunning and our friends already sitting chatting. We headed straight to the bar and ordered a couple of bottles of white-wine. Time to get the party started!

He thought I looked hot and he was enjoying seeing the looks I was getting from the other guys in the room, knowing he would be having me later. He didn’t leave my side for long. Walking around he kept his hand on my tight butt and he ran his hand up my inner thigh whenever we sat down.

We’d only been there for a few minutes and I was already desperate to get him home.

We chatted for a while as the party started to hot up, and worked our way through the first bottle of wine. Once the bass beat kicked in, we couldn’t keep off the dance floor, and I couldn’t take my eyes of my hot guy; the best dancer in the room and ALL mine! I’d have let him take me there and then if he’d have wanted. He could tell I wanted him and, while we moved to dance in the corner of the room, he slipped his hand up inside my panties and started to play with my ass. I let him touch me while I kissed him deep and long. I could feel his erection pressing against me. I wanted to feel it inside me.

We rejoined the party crowd; raving and drinking shots, dancing and jumping around. We drank more wine and got more and more open with our touching and feeling. It was time to go somewhere private….

Once I got outside, I realised how drunk I was, but managed to stumble into the taxi and snuggle up real close to my man. I didn’t take my mouth off his, or my hand off his hard cock for the whole of the journey home. We managed to keep our hands to ourselves just long enough to thank the baby-sitter and see her out of the door before we bolted for the bedroom.

Before we’d even got through the door, I whipped of my panties. He thrust his hand up my dress again and as he played with my butt hole, I arched my back into his hand and kissed him again, my hands reaching down to let his hard cock free.

Keeping my legs straight so that he could finger my ass, I bent down and pulled down his zipper. I could feel the heat of him as I touched his cock through his underpants. He felt warm and hard, and as I pulled down his waist-band, his beautiful manhood bounced out and into my waiting mouth. He pushed his finger into my ass as I took his pink, shiny delicious head into my mouth. Oh fuck YES!

From the taste of his pre-cum on my tongue, I knew he was ready to have me now. He turned me round, pulle up my short dress and pushed me face-down onto the edge of the bed. Kneeling on the bed, facing away from him, with my feet hanging over the edge, I buried my face in the quilt and pointed my butt hole at his cock. He licked my hole (oh baby!) And then he covered it in lube.

Given we were both almost-falling-over drunk, there was no slow, gentle insertion. I grabbed his cock and thrust my ass towards him. I could feel him against my hole and I wanted to feel him inside me. I pushed back towards him as he grabbed my hips and pushed forward into me.

My ass opens wide for him as he forces his whole cock inside me. He feels enormous like this, and so long! I am filling-up with him. It hurts and it hurts *good*. In his drunken state, he’s lost his usual tenderness. He withdraws almost completely and then fucks me hard again. I want more!

I hook my toes over the edge of the bed for grip, so I won’t move as he fucks me harder and harder.

I think I’m in heaven as he nails me hard…. Then he grabs my hair; I *know* I’m in heaven. He pulls it and fucks me as I push back and fuck him harder. We are grunting. I can feel my orgasm starting to build.

He reaches round with his spare hand and grabs my tit. He squeezes it as he pinches my nipple, as he pulls my hair, as he fucks my ass. My fingers play with my clit and I am lost in the moment. My whole focus is on the feeling of him inside me as my ass and pussy throb with in escapable pleasure. My fingers are dripping wet with my cum.

As my orgasm starts to ebb, we change pace again. He withdraws completely and lies down on the bed. His cock looks good enough to sit on, so that’s just what I do.

Facing away from him, I lower myself down onto his waiting erection. He feels so big as I sit down with his cock buried in my ass. I am on my knees and I grab his as I bounce up and down, letting him slide out and then bearing down as I thud back down again, over and over and over again, pounding him. I look down and enjoy the view; my bare, hair-free pussy is swollen from my orgasm just now…

Oh shit, I can feel another one coming. Oh yes, I am going to be able to watch myself cum!

As I ride him like a cowboy, I watch my pussy as I let myself relax into my building orgasm. It’s here. My ass, my pussy, my whole body is warm with tingling pleasure as I gush. I am fucking him so hard now, and with each deep thrust his cock is bringing me more waves of pleasure. I am watching as we are soaked with my pussy juices, they are flooding over his balls, over my pussy, down to his cock. I never want this to stop…

He pulls my hair again, forcing me to change position, forcing his cock deeper inside me. I grab my pussy and furiously finger my clit, as he moves his hips backwards and forwards, rocking in and out in little movements. I am still cumming. He grabs my tit again and he is torturing me with pleasure. There can’t be any cum left inside me. We lay rocking while my pussy floods the bed and slowly my orgasm abates.

I want him to cum. I ask him to cum on my face.

I climb off him, enjoying the feeling of his cock gradually pulling out of my ass as my pussy twitches. I lay back down on the bed as he kneels above me, his cock dangling tantalisingly over my face. I stroke my pussy. I am throbbing and still wet as I also reach up and stroke the stubble on his testicles. He wanks over me. His cock, fresh from ass, looks slick and hard. I play with my clit, enjoying the sensation as he groans above me. I want to feel his hot seed on my face.

His hands are a blur as he wanks faster and I feel my fingers rubbing my clit in time. He stops, grabs the base of his cock and grips while he ejaculates onto my face, into my open mouth.

He is delicious. I love him.

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He was away on business last week. I missed him so much! Still, we managed to keep ourselves busy, and the welcome home fuck was mind-blowing (I’ll write about that next!).  I thought I’d share how we spent one of our more horny evenings….. This is a transcript of our texts:

OMG this is so horny! Check it out xx Tweet:

Wow, did you say I can watch this live?

Me with another girl? Oh yes!

I watched a cam girl for a bit, but I gave up. I’m gonna go get more wine…

Do u want me to sext you? If I was there I’d push you on to the bed and pull down your trousers to release your hot hard cock. As it bounces out at me I’ll lick the pre cum from your head and slowly, slowly take you whole manhood in my mouth…..

Oooo more more. The mood I am in, I would pinch your nipples really hard and watch…

…As I grind. I’ll suck your bell end, running my tongue around it, playing with your frenulum. I’ll be playing with ur balls, stroking them & rubbing your perineum. As I take you right into my mouth I start to play with my pussy. I look up at you while I suck and play to see if you’re enjoying it….

I watch you playing with your shaved pussy, rubbing it, your juices already all over it, I can see it glisten, I smack your bum, it hurts you and surprises you. You concentrate on my dick, while I reach down and insert a hooked finger into your pussy and jerk upwards…


You are so rude, let me taste that bad boy NOW!

I’m actually getting wet reading! As you toy with my pussy, I suck you hard. I want you to come in my mouth now. I want to taste you. I use my hand to wank u off as I concetrate on suck, licky, tasting, wanting your head…

I jerk my finger, you get wetter, you are wet, I can feel the pleasure building as u jerk more, i pause and I slap your bum again, really hard, harder than before, my cock is deep in your mouth and you don’t want me to stop jerking, but the slap.. make you want to orgasm…

Send picture I want to cum!

Cherry pants

Ok, I turn you over lube up and enter your ass hole, slowly and gently, I enter you…..

The feeling is exquisite pain & pleasure, filling me, making me want all of you inside me. I push back towards you, pushing ur cock into my ass x
Me: OMG! Well done honey, Bet that feeeels good 😉 Can u cum inside me next time…. please x

A new toy for my hot man

This was going to be a review of my favourite sex shop and my favourite new toy, but I got carried away again!

I was lucky enough to be travelling to a business meeting 5 minutes away from my favourite sex shop ever: She Said Erotic Boutique. Hot, and definitely feeling naughty, wearing red lipstick and my skimpy, lacy, sexy black bra and pants under my formal but low-cut work dress, I popped in for a browse. On the way to the meeting. Of course I headed downstairs, where the beautifully tattooed assistant warned me ‘it’s a little kinky’.

I have been enjoying lots of anal play, as you probably know,  so went straight for the butt plugs. I fancied having a little tail, imagining the fun we would have inserting it, playing with it and photographing me in it, but was distracted by bullet plugs. I realised my hot, gorgeous, expert man hadn’t had a new toy for a while, other than my ass of course. I found the Rocks Off Ass Berry Butt Plug and could imagine sticking it up his delicious arse while giving him the deepest of deep throat. Yum yum.

A dirty little idea came into my head…. ‘If I buy it now, I will have it in my bag right through my business meeting. I’ll be sitting there talking shop, knowing our new sex toy was sitting in my briefcase, and imagining just what I’d be doing with it later.’ I was getting aroused imagining it. I was getting aroused imagining getting caught. I took it upstairs to pay.

Miss Tattoo was impressed with my choice. She’s a fan of bullets, and recommended that I use it on my clit as well as for arse play. I’m a triple-rabbit fan myself, and told her so, but she showed me her vibrator and I had to agree it looked pretty arousing. I popped the Berry Butt Plug in my briefcase, felt a tingle of arousal imagining it being discovered, and headed to my meeting.

The room was full of men in suits, hot it the boiling summer sun. I was hot from knowing what I was carrying with me. When my dress fell open to my thigh when I sat down, I looked down and enjoyed the view. I could see a little of my lace bra too. I wondered if the man sitting next to me was enjoying it. They guy opposite couldn’t take his eyes of my cleavage, so I made sure I lent right across the table to poor him some water. Licked the condensation off my fingers after, and nonchalantly carried-on our business chat. I left my bag open so I could steal a look at my present. By the time the meeting was over, I could have brushed against a table and cum, I was so horny!

I got back to the office and headed upstairs to where he was working. He could tell at a glance that I was hot for him. I gave him his present. He looked curious, then as it slowly dawned on him what I’d bought, he looked me up and down, drinking me in. I had made sure my dress was falling open for him, and let him run his fingers up and down my inner thigh. I sat astride him and grinded against his hard cock. We kissed deeply. I was wet for him. We stopped, grinned, got back to work. We KNEW what we’d be doing at home later.

That night we pounced on each other as soon as the kids were in bed. We’d been touching and squeezing each other, nurturing our secret arousal all evening. We were horny as hell. I was already throbbing. I had put on my long black stockings and taken of my dress to reveal my lacy bra and panties, so when I presented my size 10, 5’8″, gently-tanned body to him, butt plug in hand, I knew he thought I looked as hot as I felt. As I joined him on the bed, he thrust his tongue desperately, deeply into my mouth. I returned the favour, tasting him, pressing my body against him feeling myself give-in to him. His hands ran down my back straight into my pants. No need for more foreplay. From behind, he stuck his fingers in my hole. That’s all it took, I thrust backwards into his hand and came, pounding harder and faster into him, no longer in control. I grabbed his erect penis and bending down, forcing his fingers deeper inside me, I took his penis into my mouth. I wanted to be tender and gently lick his delicious pre-cum, but I felt another orgasm mounting and had to take his whole dick deep into my throat. I grabbed his ass and pulled him deeper into me. Oh I want all of this man…. Seconds? minutes? later he withdrew his fingers and licked them. He let me have a taste too, oh so good….

I sat up and mounted him, bearing down, taking his erection deep into my vagina. We both know what this means. I whisper:

“You know what I’m going to do to you”.

I started to grind slowly. I could feel my orgasm mounting again, his erection pushing against my perfectly-sensitve, g-spot. I beared down on him. Faster, deeper. He pushed harder into me. My grinding getting furious, I am writhing, I can feel the pleasure mounting. His thumb is rubbing against my clitorus. I cum again, my juices gushing all over his cock, his balls, his hand. I can’t stop, more juices gush over him. I rub my hands into them. Up to his chest, up to my breasts, inside my bra, I squeeze my slick nipples, I lick my delicious fingers. I rub my cum down round his balls, still writhing, his dick deep inside me. My fingers find his anus, I rub my juices around it and into it, start to remember his new present… As my orgasm starts to subside, I slowly dismount. I bend down and start to lick my juices from his dick, and push my fingers gently into his hole, relaxing him,making him groan with pleasure and anticipation. He is all mine now.

I grab the Berry Butt plug and set it to vibrate quick, quick, slow. I cover it in lube, cover his hole in lube and start to gently push it into him, circling, now slowly licking his cock from base to head, flicking his penis hole with my tongue as I deepen the pressure on his anus. Sucking his head as I push harder below. I deepen my suck and my pushing. Building to the same rhythm I’d just used to cover him in my cum, I sucked him deep into my throat while pushing the berry deeper into him. He groaned, tensed. I relaxed my pushing, relaxed my sucking. Then slowly began to increase the intensity again, deep throat and deep thrust. Then, with his penis deep, in my throat,the berry was inside him. He thrust into my mouth, groaning, grabbing my hair, pushing into me, then arching into the pressure in his arse. Enjoying as the bullet toyed with his prostate. I felt so powerful, to be able to give my man this much pleasure. I could taste the delicous pre-cum and feel his erection throbbing in my mouth. I knew his climax was close. I started to suck and nuzzle his bell end, wanting to drink him, wanting to such the cum from him, wanking him off with my hand…. He groaned again, then his orgasm exploded into my mouth, filling it with his salty seed. As he filled me, I sank my mouth slowly down his penis, gently sucking, then slowly withdrawing, running my tongue along his throbbing shaft. Stopped at his head, waiting for the last of his orgasm to abate. He relaxed. I moved my mouth to his and let him taste his sperm in mine. His kiss was deep and needy. He is a dirty, dirty man. I slowly withdraw the berry, and stroke his balls until he is calm. We are soaked in our bodily juices, we can taste them. We hold each other tight.

We lay there forever, luxuriating in the afterglow.

Satisfied, he cleaned himself up, along with his present, and went off to downstairs to get more wine. I lay there tingling, remembering what we had just done to each other. Remembering his present. Remembering what Miss Tattoo had said when I bought it…. Still tasting his come in my mouth, I reached for the berry and set it to vibrate fast. I ran it down my body, still slick with sweat and my cum. I felt the tingle as I brushed it across my nipple, I found myself arching towards the impending pleasure. As the Berry reached my clitorus, I could hear him starting to come back upstairs. Ooo, I know just what he’s going to do when he sees me. I open my legs wide so he has a good view, and thrust 2 fingers into my wet hole as the Berry goes to work.

When he walks in the room he stops. He watches me pleasure myself. I start to thrust as the Berry works my clit into waves of mounting pleasure. I withdraw my fingers and lick them, watching his face as he watches mine. He bends down and starts to work his tongue inside me, finding my g-spot as the Berry works on my clit. He takes over, licking me, sucking me, then working on me with the Berry, his fingers sliding in and out of me. I am squirting, the pleasure send shocks throughout my body. He drinks me up. I squeeze my nipples, intensifying my pleasure, his pleasure. He laps at me, slowly licking the last of my cum from my clit, my labia, my hole. He moves his face to mine and we share the deepest, most erotic kiss, tasting our cum. Satisfied.