Well, I’m rubbish aren’t I. Just as things were getting interesting, I went and stopped posting. I apologise.  I’m afraid that my lovely man felt unable to support me any more, and he is more important than what I do online, so I’ve had to stop.  It’s made me realise:

1. How much I love him

2. How much I enjoy blogging

3. How much time I was spending online and not on my family, work and life in general.

If you feel able to bear with me, I will keep on trying to come back to it. I understand if you don’t, but  I have to let my family, home and work life come first for a while.

I miss you X

p.s. I am still having a lot of delicious, juicy, throbbing sex.

p.p.s. My blog came 56th in Kinkly’s best sex bloggers!  THANK YOU so much if you voted for me. It genuinely means a lot, and I genuinely feel bad that I can’t keep it going.  Hey, check out the 55 above me. You will undoubtedly find something to keep you tingly in the wee small hours X

2 thoughts on “Sorry

  1. You are doing the right thing Susan xx we will miss you I know I will like mad only seems a short while but wow was it worth it, take care and if you do ever blog again I will be waiting lol xxx good bye again xc

  2. As much as this horndog will miss you your family does come first. Looks like I’ll just have to reread your old posts for the time being, oh woe is me 😛 Take care, I’ll make sure to pay you many tributes!

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