Anal Sex Saved My Marriage

Well, that’s putting it a bit strong, but we were feeling seriously stressed and argumentative last night. Work and menstruation means that we haven’t been able to have sex all week and I now realise that I simply have to fuck my man regularly in order to feel happy.  Given that it is undoubtedly the best thing we do together, this probably shouldn’t have come as a revelation….

After rowing over an incident at work and then changing the subject, we found ourselves back on the work issue again and I dropped in that:

We’d be much happier if I just gave you a blow job“.

The whole atmosphere changed and suddenly that sexy, familiar glint was back in his eye:

If you do, you know I’ll have to fuck your ass“.

Now my eyes were glinting!

I gave him my usual stellar BJ then he flipped me and lubed me. I assumed the position (kneeling on the bed with my shoulders and face down, and my ass up, with my toes hooked over the edge of the bed for purchase), and he fucked me hard.

With my ass dripping with his cum, and my bed sheets dripping with mine, suddenly we are a happily married couple again; saved by anal sex!

One thought on “Anal Sex Saved My Marriage

  1. Perfect just perfect love hearing about it just so wish my missus was like you sorry to say different generation lol you are stunning and so glad found u on twitter thank you 😊😘

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