Our First Time

I know, I’ve got carried away with becoming a minor porn star. I started posting 1 or 2 pictures on reddit.com/r/gonemild and now I’m posting whole albums to it’s sexier, dirtier sister /r/gonewild.  It’s so much fun taking and posting the pictures, and reading peoples’ reactions but my passion is writing…. So I’ve finally finished the story of my first night with my man. Here it is, I hope you like it:

We’d been flirting for a few weeks… Correction – I’d been flirting with him for a few weeks, he was (so I know now) completely oblivious. We shared a lab together at Uni, and I had spotted this dark handsome guy keeping odd hours, hanging out in the smoking area and generally looking like the kind of person I wanted to spend a lot more time with.

I had found myself disappointed when I arrived at the lab and he wasn’t there, and watching out for his arrival whenever the door opened. If a crowd went for coffee and he was amongst them, along I’d trot too, making sure I hung back to chat with him, or sitting next to him while we drank. I knew by now that he’d travelled up to Uni as a mature student and I was finding out that he liked to party hard, loved working in computers and that he was single. I was smitten.

As a mum to a toddler, going out was not something that happened often, but when our lab announced an evening out to a big club night, I managed to get a baby-sitter. It was a theme night and we were supposed to be inter-galactic – cue silver mini-skirt and shoes, and my favourite tiny black boob-tube. I did my hair in girly plaits too. I didn’t know if he’d be interested in a mum but I sure wanted him to consider it.

The night started in the local pub. I sat next to him at our table and made sure I was wedged right up against him as more friends arrived and squeezed on the bench. My skirt rode up a little where I was touching his thigh and I made sure my hand brushed along his leg as I pretended to try and pull it down again. The drinks were flowing and, while I was nervous that he didn’t like me, I was getting bolder as I got more drunk.

He had on his baggy surfer jeans with his skater trainers, and his attempt at being intergalactic was to wear an old nylon-looking shirt that happened to have lime-green and orange pattern on it. Given that his figure was a perfect triangle – with broad muscular shoulders, flat hard abs and slim waist, plus the tastiest looking round ass – I could forgive him that. Anyway, the ridiculous fabric gave me an excuse to touch him; repeatedly, while saying that I was amazed at how smooth and shiny it was… He felt as good as he looked.

We were already loud and merry as we headed to the club night. I played at being more drunk than I was, just so that I could use his arm to hold me up. We laughed as we walked and I caught him checking out my goods more than once. Given that I was pushing out my chest for all I was worth, while simultaneously holding in my stomach and pushing out my ass, thank God for that! I was starting to think I might actually get to kiss this guy.

We all got in the club; it was a cool heavy dance bass, with an electronic mix and the dance floor was already getting crowded with intergalactic dancers. As students, of course we headed straight to the bar. Our friend decided that the only way to start the night was with ‘gargle blasters’. This involved some awful orange-based liqueur that we had to gargle-with, then hold and then down. For some reason, I had to have 3 goes before the guys there would agree that I’d done it right. I could hardly stand when we’d finished and I staggered, rather than sashayed onto the dance floor.

I love to dance and I LOVE a man who can dance. This man of mine is seriously still the best dancer I have ever met. He bounces to the music, his face a picture of cool happiness, his arms raised a little, bent at the elbow and his shoulders and hands moving with the beat. And that ass just asking to be grabbed. I felt as though all female eyes in the room where on him, and I wanted to be the one to have him for myself. I threw my best moves, and I’ve been told I can move pretty well myself.

I was pretty sure a man would like to see a little bouncing booby, and that boob tube didn’t offer a lot of support; as it kept trying to slip down while I danced, I’d do a little wriggle as I pulled it back up again. His eyes were on stalks but I smiled nervously at him as he looked back up at my face.

I wanted to kiss him so badly, and he looked so cool dancing…. I looked at him, braver now with my Dutch courage and deep desire. I grabbed his hand and led him over to a corner table.

“So tell me why you’re single?!”

“I split with my girlfriend at the end of last year, and I’ve had a few flirtations but nothing much since”

“Oh yes, what kind of flirtations?”

“Well this one girl kept talking to me about nothing much and then kept rubbing up and down my back….”

“What, like this?”

I ran my hand up and down his muscular back over the fabric of his nylon shirt, feeling his hot sweatiness and wondering what he looked like underneath.

“Yeah, just like that”

No knowing look, no flirting, just agreeing. This man either wasn’t interested, or just didn’t have a clue what flirtation was! I put my hand inside the bottom of his shirt and rubbed him up and down again, he was seriously sweaty but he felt good.

“Or was it more like this? If so, she really wanted to get in your pants”

Our best friend headed over and gave us a knowing look, but still no serious response from my man! Best friend suggested we should head back to his place, but my guy mentioned his place was nearer. Off we headed.

The three of us had become very matey over recent weeks and we chatted easily on the way home, still, as much as I loved our friend, I really wanted to be on my own with Mr Handsome. We got back to his, put on the music and made coffee. Since I hadn’t stopped thinking about kissing him and spending more time with him, I couldn’t resist turning the conversation to sexual conquests. I’d only slept with 2 guys but he’d been with 8 women, and our friend claimed way more than that. I asked probing questions about the girls, constantly getting more and more turned out at the thought of him having sex with them. The guys couldn’t believe I’d only been with 2 men, but I’d led a sheltered life!

After the coffee our friend still hadn’t got the hint and I decided to give up and just enjoy chatting with them both. We smoked, drank coffee, laughed and it wasn’t until the sky started to get lighter that I realised the time. Suddenly I was desperate to kiss him again, and as I called the taxi I was imagining how I could sneak one from him as I said goodbye.

I couldn’t concentrate as we chatted, waiting for my ride home. I was watching his mouth and wondering what he would taste like, I was imagining those strong arms wrapped around me, how it would feel to wrap mine around his tight waist. But, when the taxi arrived, I lost all strength, simply said goodbye and walked out the door, as our best friend headed the opposite way down the road.

The walk down his path felt like the walk away from my chance of a lifetime, and as my hand touched the door handle, I knew I would regret getting in the taxi forever. Before I had chance to talk myself out of it, I turned around, marched back up the path, smiled and kissed him.

He looked shocked at first, but that lasted all of 5 milliseconds before he returned my kiss with equal desire. His lips were so smooth and soft and he tasted as good as I’d imagined; sweetness with some coffee, oranges and smoke mixed in. His tongue was working miracles on mine and I suddenly felt hot despite the early morning chill. After what felt like minutes we came up for air and he asked:

“Shall I send the taxi away?”

I honestly hadn’t imagined beyond kissing him and it took me a second to work out what he meant. As it dawned on me I felt shaky with nerves, but I was already tingling below. I nodded my agreement.

As the taxi drove off, he came back to me. He took my head in his big strong hands and kissed me again. This time he lingered over me; his soft lips felt wet, his tongue playing with mine. As we relaxed into our embrace, I put my arms around his waist and tentatively pulled him towards me. I felt his erection and pushed back against it. I was now positively throbbing.

I had never felt such a mix of desire, nerves, excitement, drunkenness and confusion. I wasn’t sure what he was expecting from me, but I couldn’t wait to find out.

He grabbed my hand and led me back inside. We didn’t even bother going back into the kitchen, he was taking me up to his bedroom!

“Sorry it’s a bit of a mess, I wasn’t expecting company”

From the sleeping bag hanging on the wall, to the pile of laundry on the floor, to the crumpled sheets on a worn out mattress, it couldn’t be further from the bedroom I was used to at home, but I couldn’t give a damn. Mr Handsome wanted *me*, here, in his bed. Oh my God, I’d probably have to get naked!

I looked at him nervously, unsure what to do, but when he started to kiss me deep and hard again, I started to work it out for myself….

His stubble was rough against my face as I returned his passion. I hadn’t felt such full-body arousal ever. He put his arms around my tiny waist as I put mine around him. We are the same height and his erection is firm and inviting against my crotch. As he slides his hands up my back, I anticipate his fingers touching the bare skin above my boob tube and I feel a tingling like electricity when he reaches there. I can tell he feels it too as his breathing gets heavier and he runs a finger along the inside of the flimsy little band of elastic holding it up.

My nipples are like bullets.

His shirt is already loose, so when I reach the waistband of his jeans, I pull up the nylon fabric and let my hands touch the bare skin on his sweaty, muscular back. Our tongues are furiously playing together and I sense it’s time to change the pace a little… As I run my fingers slowly up and down his spine, I let the tip of my tongue gently ring around his lips, tickling him and giving me the chance to taste his sweetness some more. His hand is slowly working its way around the elastic of my top and I can hardly breathe with anticipation of his reaching my breasts. Will he like them? Are they firm enough for him? Are my nipples too big?

I can bear it no longer. I’ve got to know. I stop kissing him and take a half step back. He looks curiously at me as I hook my thumbs in the top of my boob tube. I smile at him as I pull it down, as his eyes open wide, a smile on his handsome face.

The top is nice and tight so my breasts are a little resistant to appearing for him. I wriggle some more as I pull the top down firmly and finally they pop out for him to see. They are bouncy and firm, with large nipples, erect-now with my breasts covered in goose bumps. As I stand there with him looking at me, as I am exposed for him, I am nervous again, but not for long.

“Oh my God, you are beautiful!”

He couldn’t say a better thing at this moment, and as his hands gently fondle me I feel like I could cum right here. If he dares lick them, I will be lost! Please lick them!

He takes his time on me, watching my breasts as he plays with them, gently squeezing them, lifting them and tweaking my oh-so-sensitive nipples. I can feel the heat in my groin and I grab his head and pull his face to mine so that I can taste him again. He feels my heat and starts to play harder with my titties.

It’s time to feel his cock.

It’s been a long time since my first time with a guy but I’m pretty sure most of them like a little bit of cock fondling… And this cock looks more than ready to play, proudly pushing against the inside of his jeans. I resist for a moment longer as I start to unbutton his shirt, collar first. After two buttons I realise this is taking too long, and as he starts to bend down to suck on my waiting nipples I grab the waist of his shirt instead and pull it up over his head. He has to stand up and stop touching me and I drink in his awesome abs and chest. He’s muscular for sure, and I notice he has hardly any chest hair, although there’s a sexy little patch around each of his nipples, more on the right than the left.

I want to feel his naked body against mine and as I pull the shirt off his head, I wrap my arms around him as he does me and we kiss desperately while I press my naked breasts against his warm chest. As my arms run up and down his now-naked back, my breasts are moving up and down a little and my nipples can hardly take the ecstasy of touching him.

He starts to kiss across my cheek and around towards my ear and then down onto my neck as his hands explore my back and start to head towards the band of my skirt. He has found my erogenous zone and I melt into his mouthing. My hands are on his round ass through his jeans and I grab him tightly and pull him against me. His erection is enormous and I want to feel it.

First I push both my hands deeper down over his ass and down between his legs towards his balls. His legs buckle and little and I can feel the warmth of his perineum against my fingers. I firmly pull my hands back out and around the base of his ass – god it’s so firm and perfectly round – and then out and around his thighs…. Towards his groin.

As he sucks and nibbles my neck while he tweaks and gently plays with my nipples and bouncing breasts, my hands slow. I put them flat against his trousers, palms towards him, and slowly move them up and around, towards his balls with my left and his hard cock with my right. He stops for a moment as my hand finally finds his erection and I luxuriate in rubbing it’s entire length up and down; feeling his heat and his proud head even through his jeans. I tickle his balls with my finger nails, scurrying them over and under them while I play with his dick. I pinch the end a little with my finger tips and as I work on his head with my thumb, my finger is working its way up to his waist band.

He groans as I squeeze my finger inside the top of his jeans and run it backwards and forwards, gradually pushing it deeper, finding the band of his pants and knowing I’m going to brush against the tip of his cock soon.

He can resist no longer and bends down and to the side so that he can suck my titties while I still play with him….. Oh my fucking word. I am ready to cum now. His mouth is positively hot against my nipple and the roughness of his wet tongue is too much. I push my whole hand inside his jeans and he sucks on me and finally I am holding his cock.

It is firm, thick, warm, long, veiny; his head is big and defined and so smooth. I wipe his precum with my thumb and he pushes me backwards on to his bed. Oh yes!

I hurriedly remove my hand from his tight waistband and go to work on his fly. It’s hard to concentrate as his mouth is on mine again and his one hand is squeezing my breast as the other is heading down my flat stomach towards my waist. The skirt is elasticated, and he is going to find his way straight inside….. Are my panties clean?!

I realise that my panties could be granny-knickers and it probably wouldn’t matter. I manage to undo his belt as his hand skips over my waistband and he touches me through my skirt. I grind against his fingers as they push into me through the fabric. Involuntarily, I spread my legs, wanting him to play with me more, deeper, harder. I am groaning as he rubs my pussy and I am grinding as I undo his button-fly, one by one, his cock pushing against his black pants.

As I push my hand into his jeans I feel his cock all over, through his silky tight black pants now. He is working his hand down the front of my skirt and my knees lift so that he can reach my hem more quickly.

Then his hand is on my inner thigh, not far up from my knee, it already feels like I’m in heaven.

I squeeze a second hand into his jeans so that I can cup his balls while I let my finger tips slide down the inside of his pants. I brush against his tip and feel more pre-cum. He groans and thrusts against me.

Suddenly I realise his hand is sliding up my thigh and it’s going to reach my pussy. My legs can’t spread any wider as I open up to let him in. I can’t focus on anything but the feeling of his hand about to touch me there. I think I’m going to cum. I thrust towards him again.

His hand reaches my panties. I stop. I can do nothing but experience this pleasure. He sighs as he feels me for the first time and I sigh too as his fingers slide up and down my pussy through my panties. He must feel how wet I am. How much I want him.

He lets a finger slide across and to the skin bedside my gusset. This is close; the heat in my crotch is almost burning. I am throbbing, tingling, willing him to play with me more. He runs his finger tantalisingly up and down my bare pussy skin while he laps now at my breast.

I’ve got to see his cock.

Without looking, I grab the waist band of his pants and jeans and start to pull them down. I don’t want him to stop playing with my pussy, but I have got to get to that cock. I can’t get past his ass without us both stopping for a moment. He kneels up as I pull his clothes down. I pause just before his cock is revealed then watch as I make the final tug and he pops out for me.

Oh he is beautiful.

His cock is smaller than my exe’s, but with more girth. He has a lot of foreskin. His frenulum is missing?! I gaze at him for a moment and then I have to lean in towards him as I pull his jeans and pants. He lays back so that I can pull them over his feet and he bends down to take of his socks:

“I look funny with only my socks on”

I’m inexperienced and have hardly ever given oral, but I know I want to for him. Instead I kneel up myself, pull off my top and pull down my skirt.

I am in his bedroom; on his bed. I am wearing nothing but my tiny black thong. He is looking me up and down with burning desire and his cock is laying there on his flat stomach for me to have. Life is suddenly AMAZING!

Still, I’m unsure what to do now. He senses my nervousness and sits up. He grabs my ass with both hands and starts to kiss my flat, smooth stomach. It feels so good. I run my fingers through his hair as I realise he’s heading for my panties. With his mouth!

I’m glad he’s taking the lead as he hooks his fingers into the band of my thong and pulls it down; as his kisses head south. I am trimmed, but still hairy down there. His kisses are on my pubes. His hands are working their way back up my inner thigh from behind. I groan. I want him. Shall I thrust into his mouth or back to his hands? I just stay still and let him work on me, groaning with pleasure.

Finally his tongue is on me. I want it’s warmth to cover my body. I want it inside me. His fingers touch me there and I shudder with pleasure. As he licks my clit, his fingers stroke up and down my labia. I have never felt pleasure or desire like it. I take him with me as I lay back on the bed again. He kisses my pussy, mound, stomach, breasts, as he works his way back up my body. As his kisses my mouth, I can smell myself on him. His finger is touching my hole I want him to enter me. I reach down for his cock.

He is hairy too and I run my fingers through his pubes, trying not to pull them. I reach his impressive cock, he is warm and firm, and oh that girth. Will it fit?! As he kisses my mouth he is gently circling his fingers on my clitoris. I am in heaven. As I kiss him back, I stroke along the length of him, up his shaft, over his foreskin to his big, smooth pink head. He groans into my mouth as I stroke him and his fingers play with me harder and faster. I am seriously wet now but unsure what I should do next…

I slowly wank him.

He is laying half on top of me but I manage to get my other hand to his balls so that I can stroke and squeeze him as I move my firm grip up and down his length. Now his hands are slowing to a stop, along with his kisses. He is savouring the moment. His hips involuntarily move back and forth as I start to wank faster; firm pressure up and down, with a little extra squeeze between my thumb and index finger as I reach and move over his head. He likes it. I play with it longer and his groans are wilder now. I hope his housemate doesn’t hear!

Suddenly he kisses me hard again; his tongue finding mine, his mouth hungry for me. He moves his hand back to my breast as he rolls on top of me. Oh my god. This is it. He’s going to have sex with me!

The warmth and weight of his body on mine is arousing on its own. I want to stay like this, here in this room with him, forever. The feeling of his cock there, at the entrance to me, is sending me wild. What will it feel like when he’s inside me? I haven’t had sex for a while. I’m wet but tight. All my senses focus on the feeling of his penis pressing against my tight wet hole. I am tingling, anticipating, willing him to push into me. My kisses are deep, I want to drink him up, my hands are on his naked, perfectly round ass. I grab and pull him towards me.

My lips start to open up for him and the feeling is exquisite. I never knew it could feel like this. He is pushing me open with his manhood and I am welcoming him inside. Slowly I feel every inch of him move deeper inside my vagina. I involuntarily push my hips forward towards him. We both groan with the sheer delight of this feeling. We are a tangle of limbs, hot bodies, tongues, breasts; joined together there, the pleasure almost indescribable.

When he is fully inside me. We pause for a moment, open our eyes and look into each other’s faces. He is beautiful; his dark hair unruly now, his eyes dark with his desire for me, his craggy, stubbly face couldn’t be more perfect. We both smile as he withdraws a little. As he pushes back in our eyes close and we are lost in the passion again.

I get braver and he gets closer to orgasm. Our rhythm increases and we are truly fucking now. He finds my breast with his hand again and as he squeezes me hard, I thrust up towards him and I cum. Oh God, this hasn’t happened for so long. The feeling overtakes my whole body as I furiously grind my hips faster and faster up and down, relishing the feeling of him inside me as I throb and pulsate around him. I am hot and cold, tingling all over, wanting more and more of this pleasure. As I feel I can take it no longer he thrusts again, really hard; burying his cock deep inside me as he cums. I feel him throbbing, as his whole body tenses, as I throb around him.

We are in bliss, as the day dawns.

You can also find me on Reddit, posting as SueJones and on Twitter, tweeting as @susansjones1972

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  1. Wow you are absolutely awesome that was so fucking horny wish u’d follow me on twitter as I can’t fav or retweet as have protected account so only those who follow me I can write to can see

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