Monthly Sex

There’s a particularly delicious advantage to having discovered anal sex; for those few days a month when vaginal sex is out of the question (for us anyway), we can still have lots of fucking fun!

We were invited to a wedding reception at the weekend, so we had a whole child-free evening to ourselves. My man is not just expert at pleasing me in the bedroom (and the lounge, kitchen, bathroom, garden, car….) he is an awesome dancer too. It’s one of the things that first attracted me to him, and dancing with him never fails to get me horny.

I was disappointed with the monthly timing of our rare night out, but I’d bought a new dress; classy in beige with black lace panels, and very, very short. I put it on with my sky-high black heels. My legs are long, smooth and tanned, and I wanted to show them off for him.

Little dress

He looked typically handsome with his dark hair and rugged good looks, in his jeans and smart shirt & tie combo.

We arrived to see the bride looking stunning and our friends already sitting chatting. We headed straight to the bar and ordered a couple of bottles of white-wine. Time to get the party started!

He thought I looked hot and he was enjoying seeing the looks I was getting from the other guys in the room, knowing he would be having me later. He didn’t leave my side for long. Walking around he kept his hand on my tight butt and he ran his hand up my inner thigh whenever we sat down.

We’d only been there for a few minutes and I was already desperate to get him home.

We chatted for a while as the party started to hot up, and worked our way through the first bottle of wine. Once the bass beat kicked in, we couldn’t keep off the dance floor, and I couldn’t take my eyes of my hot guy; the best dancer in the room and ALL mine! I’d have let him take me there and then if he’d have wanted. He could tell I wanted him and, while we moved to dance in the corner of the room, he slipped his hand up inside my panties and started to play with my ass. I let him touch me while I kissed him deep and long. I could feel his erection pressing against me. I wanted to feel it inside me.

We rejoined the party crowd; raving and drinking shots, dancing and jumping around. We drank more wine and got more and more open with our touching and feeling. It was time to go somewhere private….

Once I got outside, I realised how drunk I was, but managed to stumble into the taxi and snuggle up real close to my man. I didn’t take my mouth off his, or my hand off his hard cock for the whole of the journey home. We managed to keep our hands to ourselves just long enough to thank the baby-sitter and see her out of the door before we bolted for the bedroom.

Before we’d even got through the door, I whipped of my panties. He thrust his hand up my dress again and as he played with my butt hole, I arched my back into his hand and kissed him again, my hands reaching down to let his hard cock free.

Keeping my legs straight so that he could finger my ass, I bent down and pulled down his zipper. I could feel the heat of him as I touched his cock through his underpants. He felt warm and hard, and as I pulled down his waist-band, his beautiful manhood bounced out and into my waiting mouth. He pushed his finger into my ass as I took his pink, shiny delicious head into my mouth. Oh fuck YES!

From the taste of his pre-cum on my tongue, I knew he was ready to have me now. He turned me round, pulle up my short dress and pushed me face-down onto the edge of the bed. Kneeling on the bed, facing away from him, with my feet hanging over the edge, I buried my face in the quilt and pointed my butt hole at his cock. He licked my hole (oh baby!) And then he covered it in lube.

Given we were both almost-falling-over drunk, there was no slow, gentle insertion. I grabbed his cock and thrust my ass towards him. I could feel him against my hole and I wanted to feel him inside me. I pushed back towards him as he grabbed my hips and pushed forward into me.

My ass opens wide for him as he forces his whole cock inside me. He feels enormous like this, and so long! I am filling-up with him. It hurts and it hurts *good*. In his drunken state, he’s lost his usual tenderness. He withdraws almost completely and then fucks me hard again. I want more!

I hook my toes over the edge of the bed for grip, so I won’t move as he fucks me harder and harder.

I think I’m in heaven as he nails me hard…. Then he grabs my hair; I *know* I’m in heaven. He pulls it and fucks me as I push back and fuck him harder. We are grunting. I can feel my orgasm starting to build.

He reaches round with his spare hand and grabs my tit. He squeezes it as he pinches my nipple, as he pulls my hair, as he fucks my ass. My fingers play with my clit and I am lost in the moment. My whole focus is on the feeling of him inside me as my ass and pussy throb with in escapable pleasure. My fingers are dripping wet with my cum.

As my orgasm starts to ebb, we change pace again. He withdraws completely and lies down on the bed. His cock looks good enough to sit on, so that’s just what I do.

Facing away from him, I lower myself down onto his waiting erection. He feels so big as I sit down with his cock buried in my ass. I am on my knees and I grab his as I bounce up and down, letting him slide out and then bearing down as I thud back down again, over and over and over again, pounding him. I look down and enjoy the view; my bare, hair-free pussy is swollen from my orgasm just now…

Oh shit, I can feel another one coming. Oh yes, I am going to be able to watch myself cum!

As I ride him like a cowboy, I watch my pussy as I let myself relax into my building orgasm. It’s here. My ass, my pussy, my whole body is warm with tingling pleasure as I gush. I am fucking him so hard now, and with each deep thrust his cock is bringing me more waves of pleasure. I am watching as we are soaked with my pussy juices, they are flooding over his balls, over my pussy, down to his cock. I never want this to stop…

He pulls my hair again, forcing me to change position, forcing his cock deeper inside me. I grab my pussy and furiously finger my clit, as he moves his hips backwards and forwards, rocking in and out in little movements. I am still cumming. He grabs my tit again and he is torturing me with pleasure. There can’t be any cum left inside me. We lay rocking while my pussy floods the bed and slowly my orgasm abates.

I want him to cum. I ask him to cum on my face.

I climb off him, enjoying the feeling of his cock gradually pulling out of my ass as my pussy twitches. I lay back down on the bed as he kneels above me, his cock dangling tantalisingly over my face. I stroke my pussy. I am throbbing and still wet as I also reach up and stroke the stubble on his testicles. He wanks over me. His cock, fresh from ass, looks slick and hard. I play with my clit, enjoying the sensation as he groans above me. I want to feel his hot seed on my face.

His hands are a blur as he wanks faster and I feel my fingers rubbing my clit in time. He stops, grabs the base of his cock and grips while he ejaculates onto my face, into my open mouth.

He is delicious. I love him.

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