Welcome home honey

I missed my man so much while he was away working. Yes, we kept ourselves busy sexting, and I loved it when he came for me, but nothing is quite the same as him touching me, kissing me, licking me, pushing his delicious cock slowly into me….. Let’s just say that by the time I collected him from the airport, I would have done ANYTHING to feel him inside me!

While he was away I sent him my tight-dress picture:

Our Fuck Me dress

It’s our fuck-me dress; the one I put on when I am feeling really sexy, and which he has never yet resisted.  It is tight, pretty and there’s no way I can wear panties underneath. It clings everywhere and is silky smooth to the touch, I like the way it’s cut to reveal my tanned shoulders, and he loves to kiss me there.  He’d told me how hot I looked in it, and admitted he’d wanked over me…

There was no way I’d wear anything else to go and pick him up. As I put the dress on, I was imagining how it would feel when he took it back off.  I was naked beneath. I wanted him to know with one look that he could have me.  It was going to be a long drive, and I would be thinking about what he’d do to me the whole way.

I enjoyed the feeling of my breasts bouncing as I drove, the fabric of the dress was rubbing against my nipples, making them into bullets. My pussy was tingling and moist, the silky feeling of the dress cool and arousing, making me squirm as I drove to him through the night.

I listened to dance music as I went, and my mind wandered to the steamy nights of passion we used to have after partying together as students. His touch would electrify me then, as it does now, and we’d fuck through dawn and into the new day… I was starting to worry my dress would be ruined!

By the time I reached the airport, he’d already texted to say he’d arrived. I parked and stepped out into the cool night air. I could clearly see my nipples poking through my dress and as I looked up and saw him coming towards me I know he could see them too. He looked me up and down with his eyes on stalks. He wrapped his arms around my tiny waist, and as he kissed me deeply, he moved them down over my pant-less ass and squeezed me. I could feel his erection against my groin. I could feel his fingers against my hole.

The journey home felt like an eternity. I was the passenger, so I touched him up, feeling his erection hot and hard through his jeans. I wanted to blow him right there and then, so much, but he wanted to save that for later. Instead, he slipped his hand up inside my dress and played with my pussy. His touch sent tingles through my body. He was making me wet. I wanted him to fuck me.

We arrived home breathless and rampant. I ran up the stairs ahead of him as he played with my ass, pushing his fingers down, round between my legs. Oh yes baby!

He threw me down on to the bed and stopped. He wanted to see me in the dress. He knew other guys had been looking at me in it. Now he was here, with me, about to fuck me in it.  I rubbed my body up and down over the dress as I looked into his eyes.  First my mound and my clit, it felt good to touch through the silk, and the silk felt good as I pressed on it. I gyrated my hips and felt myself getting wetter again. I moved my hands slowly up over my flat stomach to my breasts as he watched, playing with his erection now. My beautiful B-cups felt AMAZING through my dress. I squeezed and released them, rotating them, pushing them up towards my face. I pinched my nipples and I could feel myself building to an orgasm…

He could resist no longer. He bent down, and pulled up my skirt. It was so tight I had to wriggle to help him, the wriggling rubbing my labia together, arousing me even more. He got the dress to my waist:

Oh my God honey, you look amazing

I spread my legs for him. I wanted him to lick me.

He bent down and kissed me excrutiatingly gently on the skin above my clit. I thrust towards his mouth, desperate for him to suck me, lick me, eat me! He kisses me again, harder, and this time his hot, wet tongue probes into the folds of my labia.  i have never felt anything so delicious. I melt into the pleasure as he goes to work licking up and down my pussy lips, delving deeper, tasting me, pushing his tongue into me. I can already feel my orgasm mouting. I grab his hair and pull him into me as I thrust.

I want his face buried in my pussy.

Stil licking and pushing his tongue into me, he starts to suck my clit. I am losing control now, thrusting again and again into him. Then he moves position a little, still sucking, and he slides 1 then 2 fingers inside me. I am opening for him. I have been waiting for this. It feels so good to have him inside me again.

As he finds my g-spot with his expert fingers and sucks my clit with his hot wet tongue, I cum. I can feel nothing, think of nothing, but what he is doing to me. He sucks the juice from me as I continue to grind, furiously now, wanting this to go on forever.  Cum covers his chin and his fingers, I want to taste it and I rub my pussy with him. God it’s so wet!

I suck my juice from my fingers.

He hasn’t finsihed with me yet, and as my orgasm start to ebb he sits back and withdraws his fingers. He sticks his thumb inside me instead.  He turns his hand so that his thumb is pressing so gently on my throbbing g-spot. Oh no, he’s going to make me cum again! He doesn’t move. He just holds his thumb inside me and kisses me deep and hard. I reach for his cock; naked and exposed, he feels firm, smoothe, enormous. I slowly wank him, if I could I would beg him to let me suck it. I can feel his muscle as his skins move up and down with my hand, but his thumb isn’t stopping its relentless, amazing, wonderful pressure inside me and I can feel the blood building around it. The sweet sensation almost too much to bear….

It’s here. I thrust, wanting him deeper, harder inside me and my vagina grips his thumb and throbs against it. I am wanking him fast now, like the rhythm of my pulsing pussy. I am gushing again and I let out a groan of pleasure.  I slow my hand for him. I want to taste him. I want to feel that throbbing penis in my mouth. I want it. I want to suck it.

As my whole vagina throbs with pleasure, I push him  down onto the bed. He looks good enough to eat. As I kneel between his spread legs. I stop to look at his cock. I love it. It is the most arousing penis I have EVER seen. I love his smooth, pink, swollen head. I love the veins that I can see on his shaft. I love the way his frenulum is torn and ultra-sensiitve. I love how he’s shaved his balls for me.


I breathe hot breath on him. I take his head in my mouth, and as gently as I can I suck… I can taste him… he IS delicious. I pause and slowly lick his tip, I know he’s watching, he’s a dirty boy. His bell-end warm and soft and smooth. I squeeze the tip of my tongue in his hole. I kiss it. I suck it gently, licking him. I run the back of my tongue down his shaft as I head to his balls. He moans; I go to work on them. I lick around them; lapping, feeling the soft, wrinkled skin on my tongue. I suck each testicle gently into my mouth as I run my fingers up and down his inner thigh, brushing just his hairs, giving him goose bumps. I know he wants to be inside me now. I start to concentrate on his cock. Using the full width of my tongue I lick across its base from left to right, I move up and lick back across again, I repeat the licking from side to side, moving enticingly back towards his head.

As I reach his bell-end, I slip my tongue around it, then I take it inside my hot moist mouth. I suck in a rhythm.. suck, suck, suck…. I move my head down so that I can have all of him. He fills my mouth as I reach his base. It’s wide and he is pushing agains the back of my throat. Still I suck and lick. I can’t get enough of him.

I slowly withdraw and grab his base as he fucks my mouth. His penis swells more and I want him deeper inside me. I grab his ass and pull. I bury my head in his groin. I want him to cum inside my mouth….

I slow the pace and look up at him. His eyes are closed in pleasure now. I lap at his bellend again and he opens his eyes just in time to see me push my fingers back into my pussy. I am warm and wet, and I’m ready for him to take me.

He sits up, grabs me my the shoulders and pushes me face-down on the bed. Oh yes, he’s going to take me from behind! Shoulders and face on the bed, I stick my ass into the air so he has a good view of what he can have. He licks my pussy from behind. Shit that’s good. I expect hm to grab my hips and feel the anticipation of him entering me, but instead he pushes his fingers into me again, from behind.

This is new. This is like the movie we shared while he was gone. She loved it. I want it. He furiously finger fucks me, deep, hard and fast.  I am pushing back into him. I want it deeper, harder, faster. Our rhythm is building. I remember watching her beautiful round ass and hearing her pleasure. It arouses me more. I groan and bear down into the pounding my pussy is taking. It’s too much!  I am gushing again. I am covering his fingers with my warmth. The bed sheets are dripping. Gushing, pounding, groaning, fingering. Ohhhhhhhhh!

We are like porn stars.

He has got to give me his cock now, surely! Suddenly, he withdraws his fingers, and I feel him pushing his cock against my dripping-wet hole. He doesn’t have to push for long. One thrust, together, and he is inside me. I have wanted this moment all week. I can’t get enough of this man. We are groaning together as he lets his cock slip deep inside me, then withdraws almost completely before pushing into me again, There is no feeling like it. My sensitive, throbbing vagina walls grip him as he slides in and out of me, again and again and again. I realise this can’t go on just as I started to gush once more. The feeling of my cum covering his cock as he thrusts in and out of me is heaven. I reach down between my legs and rub it over my pussy, up over my stomach and to my breasts.  He gradually slows. He’s up for more. So am I.

As I lie and catch my breath, twitching and pulsing and throbbing, I feel him reach over me to grab something. Moments later, I feel cold liquid on my anus. Oh yes, he’s going to fuck my ass!

Still on my stomach, I reach round and grab his cock, pushing it against my ass hole. He pushes hard and I can feel myself opening. It is so good. I rock back towards him. He continues to push into me, letting me relax and open wider for him.. It is ecstacy as the pain and pleasure combine to bring me towards orgasm again. He pauses and pushes, pauses and pushes. With each push, I want him more. With each push I push back into him…

Finally his whole cock is inside my ass. I fill so full. I love him taking every hole.

We find another rhythm. He grabs my hip bones and pulls me back towards him as he thrusts hard. He is getting braver now, no longer frightened of hurting me. Good, I want him to FUCK me deeper, harder, faster again. He reaches around and pushes his fingers into my pussy. YES! As I thrust back, his cock is deeper inside my ass, as I thrust forward, his fingers are fucking my g-spot. What is he doing to me?! The pleasure is relentless and exquisite. He is pounding my ass now and my pussy is starting… to… throb… around his fingers…. Ahhhh….. Where does this stuff cum from?!

He is soaked again. He can bear it no longer. He knows I’m a naughty girl. I like to see his seed and feel it on my skin. He withdraws and shoots his dirty load over my back and ass. He is spent.

I love to feel his seed on me

I love to feel his seed on me


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