I was minding my own business when he fucked me!

I just got out of the bath. I’d left him checking out my latest pictures:

Harlot panties & no panties

I was looking in the mirror, naked, minding my own business when he came in the bathroom behind me. I didn’t even look up until I felt his stiff cock pressed against my pussy.  How rude!  

Still, I can’t let that delicious hard-on go to waste. I arch my back to let him slide that big boy right in; hard. Oh that feels good. A couple of deep, slow grinds and then he increased the pace and pounds me. He reaches round to play with my clit. It is so fucking dirty that I can feel myself about to cum. I fuck him back. He grabs my tit and squeezes my nipple.

The effect is immediate, I can feel it in my pussy; I am cumming; I am gushing; my juices are dripping down over his cock and the floor!  I let out a groan of pleasure. He thrusts into me again hard, and stops. My orgasm throbs around him, gripping and releasing him. It goes on and on in exquisite ecstacy.. As he feels my orgasm ebbing, he withdraws. He lays his cock on my ass and spurts his cum over my back. It is hot and sticky. I rub it into me. I lick it from my fingers.

I want more….

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