I love to play with myself

I was naked, hot and aroused. I threw off the bed-covers to let the cool evening air blow on my bare skin. It was bliss.  My soft, pink nipples started to perk-up in the gentle breeze and I watched in the twilight as they got erect, then I used my finger-tips to slowly stroke my body.

I started by touching my  mouth, making my full red lips tingle like my man’s softest kiss.  I brushed my fingers slowly, softly down over my chin and neck; the sensation combined with the cool air on my skin giving me goose-bumps and making me shiver with anticipation.  I let my right hand caress over and along my collar-bone, as my left stroked my inner thigh, just tickling the downy hair there, making me sigh out loud. I was already getting moist with anticipation.

I skimmed my fingers over my nipple as I moved my hand to cup my left breast.  I squeezed it softly. Then I pressed down with my palm, pushing my breast against my ribs as I pushed it gently around and around, pinching my nipple just enough to feel the heat in my groin.  I love feeling that delicate, sensitive skin in my fingers and I play with my nipple; stroking, pulling, twisting then pinching. I quickly lick my fingers and rub my saliva on my nipple as I play with it more, the slickness letting it slip and slide under my finger tips, heightening my pleasure even further; my playing getting fiercer, my pussy getting wet.  I moved my hand to my right breast, bolder now with my arousal, I grabbed it hard and pushed it up towards my face as I squeezed my nipple. Oh yes!

By now my left hand was doing more than playing with my thigh.

As I tweaked and twisted my nipples into saliva-slicked submission, I let my fingers find their way to my pussy; stroking my smooth, plump labia; sliding into the warm moist folds below; teasing my clitorus. I found myself thinking about the beautiful bi-girl I’d been chatting with earlier. As I touched myself, I imagined I was playing with her.

My fingers play with my clit as I imagine playing with hers. I can feel the tiny pleasure spot firm amongst the soft skin of my vulva beneath my fingers. It feels so good to touch it, and even better for it to be touched. I hold my finger on the spot for moments, enjoying the tantalising pleasure grow as I focus my energy there. My nipples aren’t done yet, they’re tingling with arousal, so I push up my breast and reach with my tongue. I flick and lick my soft, sensitive nipple and I feel the stab of pleasure in my groin. I am so horny I am writhing on the bed, pushing my pussy into my hand, wanting to be fucked; wanting to be eaten out; wanting to eat her out.  I push my finger into my hot, moist, swollen vagina.  It feels sooo good inside. It feels even better when I imagine I’m doing it to her.

My pussy is engorged as I let my right hand stroke my body. From my breast down my ribs, across my smooth, flat stomach, rapidly rising and falling now as I pant with pleasure, then to my mound. I let my palm rest there as my fingers play with my clit again.  My other hand is still working on my pussy and I push another finger deep into my hole as I start to play harder with my clit. Using 3 fingers, I circle round and round, up and down, faster and faster, I’m losing control. I let my fingers slide off my clit down to my hole and back again.

With the fingers of my right hand, I start to focus on my g-spot.  It feels rougher than the spongy pink skin of my vagina walls, and it loves to be rubbed; hard.  No longer just the tips, I’m using the whole of my fingers now to rub my pulsing clit and labia as I use the same rhythm on my g-spot. I am lost in the moment as I furiously finger-fuck myself; thrusting, grinding, pounding. She comes back into my mind and as I imagine my tongue playing with her clit, licking her softly, pushing my fingers into her.

I cum.  My whole body is lost in the feeling of pure, shuddering, exquisite ecstasy. The melting pleasure moves from my groin down through my upper-thighs, up through my stomach and into my breasts. My head is going to explode with the rush! I continue rubbing myself but gradually slow the pace, making my movements softer, letting the pleasure go on and on as my clit pulses.

As I slowly withdraw my fingers, I know I want more.

I play with my sensitive vulva, feeling the slippery warm skin, marvelling at how good it feels. I lick my juices from my fingers as I lean over to grab my rabbit, then I spot the anal vibe. Oh yes, I know just what I want now…

I manage to stop playing with myself just long enough to get the lube on my anus and put the blackberry vibe on my favourite setting.  I am already wet and pulsing, but I take some time warming up to the feeling of the intense vibrations on my body.  I play with my mound, enjoying the heat as I hold the blackberry tantalisingly close to my clitorus.  As I push the vibe firmly on my pubis I feel a subdued orgasm coursing through my body, it might still be the aftershocks of the one I’ve just had and it feels warm and mellow. I don’t want it to stop. I push the vibe a little further, a little firmer and feel the vibrations working on my sensitive clit.  It’s too much at first so I reduce the pressure, letting the vibe just glance the skin protecting it.  I play with the vibrations on my clit and labia for a while, enjoying the ebbing and flowing of my continuing orgasm.  I  play with my nipples again and I know I want to feel this thing in my ass.

Lying on my back, I lift my knees up to my shoulders and take the blackberry in my right hand so I can reach round to my anus. My pussy is starting to feel left out so, when I push 2 fingers into my vagina, finding my throbbing g-spot, I am already rocking my hips again.  As I arch back, I push the vibe on my anus, as I thrust forward, I am fingering my g-spot. This is going to be own, personal, intense, double-penetrating. finger-fucking howling orgasm…

I start to press harder on my anus and I can feel myself slowly, deliciously yielding. I push my ass back against the vibe, wanting to feel it inside me. The pleasure-pain combination just there is making me lose control again and as the vibe stretches me, I find myself working furiously on my clit  with my fingers. It can take it, and in the final moment of insertion I slide my fingers around my soaking wet labia and hole. My vibe hand is free now, and I squeeze my breast while the quick-quick-slow vibration in my ass courses through me.  As I rub my pussy, squeeze my breasts, pinch my nipples and absorb the vibe, I am lost in a whole-body, gushing, groaning breath-taking orgasm.  Every muscle is tense with the pleasure and I don’t want it to end….

I stroke myself with my juice-soaked fingers as I come to my senses; as the evening breeze cools my sweat-slicked body again.

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