He really has found my G-spot

Mid-session last night, he’d been playing with me, fucking me, making me gush all over the bed, and we were having a break.  Completely naked, twitching, throbbing and wet, I was drinking wine, gazing out of the bedroom window enjoying the evening and the afterglow.  Ok, so I was making sure he was getting a birds-eye view of my engorged pussy, but still….

He got up from the bed; walked over to me; kissed me hard and, pushing his fingers into my swollen vagina, said:

I have this favourite spot… I know just how to touch it, just what to do with it, just what it does to you

He started touching, then stroking, then rubbing my g-spot. It was so damn rude! But sooo damn delicious…

I just stood there and let him have his way with me.  My knees buckled as he made me cum again; my juices gushing over his hand and down onto the carpet. He sucked my tits, then sucked me off. 

And as I stood there panting, he laid back down on the bed.


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