Review: Pink Vibrating Nipplettes

A pair of pink, rubber-coated, vibrating, adjustable nipple clamps.

Great if you like lots of nipple-play, a little heavy though.

I like having my nipples sucked, bitten, licked, squeezed, pinched (ok, I LOVE having my nipples played-with)… So, I bought these little beauties from my favourite shop: She Said Boutique. They are the first nipple clamps I’ve tried and they looked gentle enough for a clamp-virgin like me. I’d had them next to the bed for a couple of days when I got myself aroused, playing with my clit and g-spot. Then, when I slicked a pussy little juice on my nipples, I knew it was time to try the Nipplettes… When I first attached them, I didn’t do anything with the screw adjustment and as I turned the bullet vibes on, they slid off. A quick squeeze and fiddle again and I had them back on. I tightened them up pretty far and the feeling was bliss. With more pussy-play I had a deep, satisfying, gushing orgasm.

The Nipplettes did feel a little heavy though – they’re run off 6 x ‘dinky power’ batteries (3 each) and I guess with the vibe motor, it’s hard to make them weight-free.  I ended up reclined, supporting my breasts with clamps attached, squeezed together on my chest between inner upper arms, which wasn’t exactly a problem give what I was doing with my hands 😉

I haven’t tried them during action with my man yet. The weight makes them a little unflattering, and he’s pretty good with his hands and mouth. I’m keeping these for personal pleasure for now.

– If you like nipple-play, these are going to be of hours of fun
– The rubber finish is soft and comfortable
– The adjustable clamp means you can take as much or as little direct (exquisite) nipple-vibe as you can handle.

– They’re a little heavy

Where to buy
– I got mine here: She Said Boutique
– Similar ones are available elsewhere too.
– The price varies from £15 – £40

Recline and let your upper arms support your breasts & clamps while you have your hands between your legs


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