Selfie fuck

Thursday night was unexpectedly fucking hot!

After a stressful day in the office, I think we’ both decided to have a quiet night; just TV and sleep. Then we went and checked my blog….  

I do like to give my man a little something saucy to think about when he’s at work, so I get my pose on a take a few explicit selfies. Yesterday he decided to share one. 

Actually, I got pretty aroused at the thought of him sharing it online. All those people seeing what he’d be having when he got home.  I spotted his post at work and when I saw what some of the guys were saying, I had to give myself a little stroke. Of course, a stroke turned in to a full on wank, and soon I was squirming away at my desk, grinding on my hand, hoping none of the staff would walk in. I was still wearing the panties and bra from my picture…. 

Once the kids were in bed, we started the evening drinking wine and chatting. We were both exhausted. but I couldn’t resist checking out my messages, and some of my favourite people to look at online; the road to ruin!

I showed him the best pictures, and watching his erection grow over those pretty little boobies and vaginas got me more than a little wet myself. I left him to enjoy the view and went to get some more to drink. I had a plan.

Once in the hallway, I stripped, watching myself in the mirror, I peeled of my skinny jeans and my blouse. I liked the view, my little waist looked tanned and smooth, my legs perfect for wrapping around my hot man. I didn’t want him to see me and spoil his surprise, but couldn’t resist touching myself in that outfit. I watched as I rubbed my pussy through my pants, my fingers caressing my clit then my hole. I was feeling hot and wet. I was thrusting into my hand. I pinched my nipples. I feeling in my groin was too much, I groaned and nearly gave away the surprise:

“Hon, you ok?”

I walked back into the room a little breathless. My bathroom outfit his to enjoy..

“Do you recognise this?”

He looks up at me,eyes dark with desire:

“Shit yes. Oh honey…”

He was on me before he’d finished his sentence. His hand on my hot wet pussy; his mouth on my breast. Sucking, nibbling. I grabbed his hair and thrust myself into his hand. I wanted to feel him inside me. I could already feel the mounting pleasure in my groin. This was going to be good.

I know he likes to watch me give him head, and I know he’ll have been thinking about seeing me do it it in this outfit all day. I sink to my knees before him.  His big, hard, fucking delicious cock is bursting out of his tight grey briefs. I run my finger along the waist band, just inside. I brush my fingers against the tip of his cock. It’s smooth and firm, there’s a little pre cum waiting for me. I rub it around his tip with my right hand as I let the finger nails of my left play with his balls through his pants.  Turning my head on its side, I bite his erection through his pants. Breathing hot air on him; making him groan.

I nibble him through his pants. Slowly working my way to his bell end. He feels so good. I push the tip of my tongue down his waist band so I can lick that pre-cum from his throbbing head. I am massaging his balls now and they are all mine.

Desperate to taste more of him. I reveal his cock. Watching closely  it as I pull down his pants and it bounces out towards me. It is the most beautiful penis I have ever seen. HIs smooth pink bell end, slicked with a little saliva, the ridge around his head where it meets his shaft, the skin there soft pink and shiny. He tore his frenulum and I know how sensitive he is there now; that little soft ridge of peachy- brown skin. I give it a kiss, I let my tongue feel along it, I suck it. He is silent. He is lost. He is mine. I take his tip into my ruby-red lips, and gradually let him slide into my mouth.

His pants pulled down now. I look up into his eyes as I suck him deeper into my warm, wet mouth and I start to stroke his perinium.He shaved yesterday, so that familiar little stubble is prickly on my finger tips. As his shaft fills my mouth entirely I brush the stubble softly, moving my fingers towards his anus. He thrust into me. I am deep-throating him now. Yum yum.

I play with his anus. It’s tight and smooth. I want to be inside him.  

I move my head up and down his cock as I push gently on his butt hole. I can feel him opening for me. I push my free hand into my pants. The pants I was wearing when he shared me with the world. I want my fingers inside me as they’re inside him. I play with my clit, working on it with my fingers as I circle his hole. I am soaking wet now. I realise he’s dry. I stop playing with his hole and let my finger join his cock in my mouth. I suck and lick them both as he watches. Then I run my finger back down his throbbing shaft, slick now; over his stubbly balls, then his perineum. As I reach his hole again, I open my own legs wide to let my fingers in.

I suck his cock. I push my wet finger into his anus. I stick my fingers in my hot juicy pussy. Oh. my. God!

We are thrusting and groaning. I can feel his cock growing bigger in my mouth, I am fingering him as I am fingering myself. The rhythm is mounting. I want to eat him. I want to taste him. As I feel my juices gushing over my hands, warm and fucking horny, I move my mouth up his shaft so that I am nuzzling on his head. I am sucking him off, wanting to drain his salty seed into my mouth. His bell-end is swelling as I give him head. I am still finger-fucking his arse. I find a rhythm, my fingers massaging him as i suck him, as  I rub my throbbing g-spot.  He is going to cum.

He grabs me by the hair and pulls me off his cock. His eyes are burning as he looks at me. Roughly he pulls me up to his face and thrusts his tongue in my mouth. He grabs my breast and pinches my nipple and he squeeze it hard. I can feel my pussy swelling again. I rise up on my tiptoes so that his erection is between my legs, pushing against my clit. He doesn’t want me like this.

He wants to have me his way.

He turns me around and pushes my head down as he grabs my hips and pulls me towards him. My pussy and ass are now his. HIs cock is hard against my hole.

He pulls my pants to the side and fucks me. He thrusts himself into me. His cock pounds my dripping cunt  fast, hard, oh so very deep. Suddenly I feel his thumb wet against my anus. As he uses my pussy for his pleasure, he takes my ass too. He fills me completely me. The pleasure is more than I can bear. I feel another release as his cock and thumb are inside me. I am gripping him, pulsing with pleasure. He gasps, thrusts harder and deeper and stops. He pulls my hip so he buried in me. I am filled by him and he is filling me with his seed.

As we cum together. We are bound together in exquisite ecstacy. There is nothing else but us.

To be continued…..

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