Review: Total Ecstasy Triple Rabbit Vibe

Total Ecstasy Triple Rabbit Vibe

A bright pink(?!) rotating rabbit & bullet vibrator, with 3 stimulators.  Bullet 1 is rabbit-shaped for clitoral stimulation, bullet 2 is for anal, the rotating ‘penis’ with beads is for vaginal. The bullets have 10 speed-settings combined, and the rotating penis also has 10 speed-settings. Battery powered.

I’ve used this a LOT. It is my go-to for guaranteed orgasmic pleasure.


I’ve owned my Triple Rabbit Vibe for over a year. I’d had the standard clitoral/vaginal 2-probe rabbit before, but was intrigued by the anal vibe when I needed an upgrade.  The clitoral stimulator is the traditional bunny-ear shape, flexible and maybe 3cm long past the bullet casing. It’s flexible and perfect for hitting my clitorus while I’m also working on my vagina and anus. I’ve also used just this bullet for clit-only play. The anal stimulator is small enough not to be frightening, maybe 3cm and narrow beyond the bullet casing. For ages, I just let it rest while vibrating on my butt-hole while I played with the other probes, it intensified my orgasms and introduced me to anal play but not much more. Now I regularly insert it.  It can be tricky to get it into the right hole while remaining aroused, but it’s worth it for the vibrating, rotating, pleasurable fullness. The ‘penis’ is fairly long, and not particularly wide – my only complaint, I’m a girth girl. And when trying to get the clit and anal probes working to full effect, the penis can be just a little too deep for me, but that could well just be my anatomy, The rotating beads hit my g-spot exquisitely (after some practice, I have to pull the base towards my g-spot while using my thumb to keep the rabbit on my clit). Using the clit and anal stimulation along with the penis, I’ve gushed maybe 4 or 5 times using the Triple Rabbit Vibe. I absolutely love the full feeling I get from working all 3 probes on myself together.  The orgasms are intense and long.


  • Triple stimulation really is triple the fun
  • The independent, multiple speed settings are good whatever my mood
  • It’s a guaranteed pleasure-bringer for me


  • The colour is awful!
  • My own preference would be for a slighter shorter, but wider vaginal stimulator (penis).

Where to buy

  • It’s readily available, Amazon and Love Honey have them in stock now.
  • The price is consistently around £40.


  • Don’t worry about inserting all the vibrators every time, try using just the tip of the anal probe for gentle anal stimulation
  • The clit bullet is good on its own (just turn the vibe so it’s pointing away from you)


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