If the van’s a rocking, PLEASE come knocking…

It was our first stay in a caravan. Not my idea of luxury. Still, it was close to a beach, the kids were happy, and there was a wrap around sofa for evening fun…

After a day sunbathing, my tiny little string bikini had left beautiful pale triangles against my tanned skin, like little sign posts to where I wanted to be touched.  We got the kids to bed early and tucked into the G & T. The van was hot, and I was even hotter.  I’d put on my Daisy Dukes, no pants underdeath, and my white lace bra under a cute, tight little white vest.  As we sat chatting, the seam of my shorts was rubbing against me, I squirmed a little to feel the tingle. He looked over to enjoy the view, so I turned towards him and spread my legs wide, reclined, and started to stroke my inner thing while I took another sip of my cold drink. The condensation on fingers gave me a naughty idea, and I had to lick it off, slowly, sucking my finger tip, still looking him in the eye. He loves an up shot, and I could tell my pussy lips were on display for his pleasure. He was enjoying the show, and it wasn’t just his eyes that told me.
I sat up, leaving my legs spread, and slowly pulled up my vest to reveal my sweat-slicked, tanned stomach then my pretty white bra. I rubbed my tits, pinching my nipples, feeling the tingle in my groin, starting to grind against the seam of my shorts now. He can’t take any more and walks across to me. I want to taste his cock.  It’s already straining to be released from his grey undershorts, and I look at it wide-eyed.  That thing has got to be swallowed. He pulls down his waist band and out springs the most fuckable erection I’ve ever seen.  I lean forward and lick the end with the tip of my tongue. Oh that smooth bellend is delicious, I slowly move my tongue around his head, tasting his saltiness, flicking his hole.  I start to stroke his balls, they’re stubbly and I just let my finger tips brush against the prickles, excrutiatingly softly for him. I gradually sink towards him, his cock filling my mouth, my lips heading towards his neatly trimmed bush. His head is at the back of my throat, he is pushing into me, I kneel on the floor and grab his ass. It’s so perfectly round and firm, I pull him into me, deepthroating him. He is groaning. I pull back sligthly so that I can look up into his eyes as I suck him off.  While he watches me I start to rub my tits again, I pull my bra aside so that I can tweek my bullet nipple. It feels good, but I want it wet. I reach up so he can lick my fingers for me, then rub his saliva on it. I twist it a little and it slides sensuously about, slick under my wet finger tips. I can feel my pussy getting wet now, and the seam is starting to feel really, really good. I look back into his eyes, still sucking his cock, and slide my fingers down into my shorts. I’m hairless and I just love the feeling of my smooth mound. I reach my clit and I am almost ready to come. I push my finger on the spot and hold it still. Focusing on the feeling as I move up and down his shaft sucking, nuzzling at his tip. As I concentrate I can feel a clit orgasm mounting, it feels so good. I can hardly resist the urge to rotate my fingers, to stick them in my hole. I’m involundtarily pushing against my own hand. It’s here. I deep throat him as waves of pleasure run through me, I stick a finger in my hole and feel the clenching and relaasing of my orgasm around me. I want to be fucked, hard, now.
I slowly pull his cock out of my mouth, and I’m panting. As I take of my shorts I make him sit down in front of me. I stop look at this handsome, naked man before me and watch him watch me.  I want to mount him now, but I have an idea. I kneel between his legs again and start to change the pace. I purse my lips and blow cold air on his perineum, over his balls, slowly up his shaft to the tip. Then I open my mouth a little and, in reverse, blow warm breath on him, his head, down his shaft, on his balls, along his perineum, then cold air on his anus. I can’t resist a little lick and he is writhing in pleasure. I repeat my little act. Making him relax his body, but filling his cock with more hot desire.
Now what to do? I know that if I mount him now I am going to be gushing all over him, all over his cock, balls, ass. It will get on the caravan sofa.  I remember where we are and wonder how much noise we’ve been making, these walls are paper thin. Was the van rocking?!  Oh fuck it. I climb aboard for the pussy-pounding ride.  I am so wet, and with no hair there’s no friction, so his cock slides straight into me and I bear down hard. As I move down, I arch my back so his dick is buried deep inside me, and my g-spot is getting a good rubbing, as I rise up I tip my pevis forward, to get a feel of him hard against my perineum. I am grinding hard now, bouncing up and down on his erectction, pounding, faster, harder.. I reach back and massage his balls, his hand are squeezing my tits. I am coming, it feels so good, my gushing juices is running down over my hand on his balls, down to his anus. As I cum and cum, pounding and grinding, I slip my pussy-wet finger into his arsehole, just a little. His groan is so horny, I play with his hole as I would play with my vagina, gentle strokes at first then getting firmer, getting in time with my pounding on his cock. He is fucking me back so hard. This orgasm is never going to stop!

He is close to coming himself now but I am so turned on, I want some licking action. I slowly withdraw my finger, and dismount. I bend down and lick my pussy juices from his body. I love that taste. I share it with him, kissing him deeply, my hands rubbing my saliva and cum over his slick cock and balls. He knows me. He pushes me down on the sofa so that my legs are spread open in front of him. He starts to lick my clit. Shit, after that orgasm, it’s not going to take much for me to cum again, I’m so sensitive. I’m so aroused. His tongue slides along my labia, and into my pussy. My word that’s good. I push myself towards him. His tongue is hooked into me. He’s found my g-spot. He is sucking my clit. Suck, suck, suck, fuck, fuck, FUCK! He is sucking the cum out of me, drinking me. Where does this stuff come from?! I am in ecstasy!  I am lost in pleasure… I am writhing about wanting him to suck the life out of me. I hear something outside.  Voices. God these walls really are thin. We pause, there are people right outside the caravan.  We look at each other wide eyed. Did they hear?  Out of the corner of my eye, I can see that the curtain is a little pulled back, so there’s a gap, directly on the path, where passers-by can look in…  I wonder if they saw, they sounded pretty close.

I realise that I hope they saw.

We look at each other and we both know we’re going to put on a show. I am ready for more hot pounding. I kiss his mouth, I lick my cum from his lips and face. Our tongues are hot in each other’s mouths, probing, tasting, desperate. I am watching the gap in the curtain. I want someone to walk past. I lay back and open my legs towards the window. I rub my pussy. As I buck against my hand, he sticks his finger into me, then another. We are both finger fucking me. In front of the gap. With my free hand, I squeeze my breasts. I push up and force his fingers deeper inside of me as I rub my clit. I cum again, my eyes open, willing for an audience to see this porn show.  He puts his fingers in my mouth and I lick and suck them. He mounts me. His hot throbbing cock straight into my cum-soaked pussy.  Fuck this is good.  I hear a sound. Voices coming up the path. I fuck him harder, he is pounding me, the voices are getting closer. They must be able to hear us, the caravan must be moving. I groan as I cum again, I make sure I groan loud, the thought of the audience is such a turn on.  He is getting close to coming. I want to feel that hot, sticky seed on my body. He thrusts hard. I thrust back harder. He withdraws and his cum in on my pussy and my stomach, as I see our hot, muscled, tattoed, tanned neighbour walk past our window, just inches from us. Willing him to look our way, I rub the cum up my body towards my breasts. The neighbour glances towards the gap, he’s definitely got a smirk on his face. I lick the cum from my fingers, watching our neighbour slow his pace as he tries to see us without getting caught. Still watching the window I kiss my man, pushing my body against him, feeling our sweaty, hot, slick bodies move against each other. We taste his seed together as Mr Muscular walks out of sight.  It’s going to be fun when we bump into him at the pool tomorrow.

I post on /r/gonewildstories too, as /u/SueJones comments and upvotes very welcome 😉

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