It’s lunchtime, there’s no one else in the office, BJ O’Clock!

Another quick one today……

So, I’m sitting in my office (just now), minding my own business when he calls down on the phone:

Can you come up here a minute?”

Up I go to find him reclined in his office chair with his pants & jeans around his ankles; dick in hand.

Suck me off would ya?”

How could I refuse?  I walk over, unbutton my blouse, kneet down between his legs and take a long hard look at his long hard cock. Yum yum.

I start by licking his tip; flicking my tongue slowly in and out of his hole.  Then, while I continue to work on him with my tongue, I let my lips touch him. Gradually, I let him enter my mouth and I start to suck.

As his soft, smooth head is fully inside my mouth, I start to ring around it with my tongue. He tastes salty today.  Round and round I lap at him, then I remember his balls.  I stroke them with my fingertips and I can see them tighten and then relax. I take them in my hand and squeeze a little as I take his shaft into my mouth and then into my throat. He is fully inside me now.  He groans.

While I deep-throat him, I lick up and down his length and caress his balls some more; torturing him with pleasure.

He loves deep-throat, but he loves head more, so I let his cock slide out of my mouth until he’s only half inside me. Then I go to work on him. I am sucking his head, licking his shaft and frenulum and wanking him off.  I look up to watch him enjoy the show. He is lost to me now.

I pull his skin down to his base and grip his cock. I focus only on his head. It is engorged. As I suck it hard and quick. I feel his orgasm mounting under my hand. I grip harder, making him wait.  Then, when he can bear it no more, I take him right into my mouth, and as he spurts his hot tasty load into me we are both moaning with pleasure.

As I do up my blouse, the phone rings. Back to work.





Review: Bondage Tape

A roll of black PVC bondage tape (also available in other colours); useful for tying down, or making sexy outfits, like this:


What looks like a roll of gaffer tape is surprisingly versatile, and surprisingly cohesive.


We’ve been experimenting with BDSM, so I asked at my favourite erotic boutique: She Said Boutique and they recommended this bondage tape. I expected a roll of gaffer tape so I was surprised when I unwrapped the cellophane from my little package to find it was ‘just’ PVC.  It wasn’t until I started wrapping it around my naked body that I realised it’s cohesive.  It sticks to itself so efficiently that I can’t get my hands free, no matter how hard I try.

We had lots of fun making my outfit; wrapping the PVC round me, making it tighter, experimenting with the best places on my body to use it. We took some deliciously hot pictures, then we had lots more fun playing with me in it.

The tape was strong enough to stop me wanking him with my hands while I sucked him off, and it was strong enough to constrict my breathing just a little as we’d tied it tight around my chest.  He got seriously aroused at being able to do just what he wanted with me (as if he needs an excuse!) and he used the bindings to turn me over and to hold me down.  I loved the effect it had on him and I felt like his sex doll as he played with me while I could do nothing about it.

A surprising treat came when he unwrapped my breasts; the PVC combined with my sweat had stuck it to my nipples, and it turned them to bullets as we pulled it off again.

The only small negative is that, being PVC the tape did bunch up a little as I writhed about, and then it dug into me, but once I learned to stay still (and let him have his wicked way with me) this was no longer an issue.  And I wasn’t expecting to need scissors to cut the ends.

I haven’t tried the tape on him yet.  I suspect he will be a spent man when I do…

– A sexy, fun way to try BDSM
– The PVC is surprisingly cohesive, without the use of any glue
– It’s versatile – sex & sexy outfits, what more could I ask from a sex toy?

– Cuts into the skin a little if you’re naughty and move about too much

– You’ll need scissors to put it on, and maybe to take it off again.

Where to buy
– I got mine here: She Said Boutique
– It’s readily available online.
– The price starts from around £5.

Apply it like cellotape – it will stick to itself (rather than you) if you’re not careful!


Just a quickie…

I am feeling so naughty today…

It’s his fault for fucking me senseless for 3 hours last night. He is relentless. making me gush for hours; literally. Every time we stopped and asked ourselves how we managed to do that AGAIN, he’d look and me, start playing with my pussy, and there we’d go again…

I love his latest trick. It’s new to me. He’s been spanking my clit! Gently at first, then, as my pussy gets seriously swollen and I am gushing (about 2 slaps) he gets pretty rough. The feeling is unbelievable, exquisite ecstasy. I could feel my pussy juices splashing on my face, tits and stomach. I can’t get enough of it, and neither can he. We are made for each other.

When I saw him curled up asleep this morning, wrapped up in the duvet, he looked perfect. I wanted to say thank you to him for all the pleasure he’d brought me last night.  I decided on the perfect way…

I gently pulled back the covers, careful not to wake him up. I looked him up and down, enjoying the view. I bent down and gently lick the tip of his flaccid penis. He stirred a little and I stopped. He settled and I started to lick some more. He was already starting to get a semi. I slowly sucked him into my mouth, pushing my tongue into the folds of his foreskin, wanting to taste his saltiness inside.   As his head started to reveal itself; he woke up a little confused. He looked down curiously and then realised what was happening. He raised his eyebrows and grinned, turned full on to his back, and spread his legs.

I suck him right into my mouth. His cock filling me now as it becomes engorged at his arousal. I withdraw a little and hold the base of his shaft with my hand as I work on his, pink, shiny, delicious, horny, fucking amazing bell-end. I know by now just how he likes me to play with him and I circle around the ridge of his head with my tongue, as I suck the pre-cum from him. 

He is my lollipop and I want to eat him.

He is still a little dozy, but clearly in bliss, so I languidly lick him up and down while I play with his balls. He groans and his hands move to my hair.  I want to lick him all day long, but I want to taste him even more. Back to his bellend, I give him head for all I’m worth.  He is writhing.  I suck his tip fast, like I’m sucking clit, and I wank him at the same pace. He’s thrusting. He grabs my hair and thrusts his whole cock in my mouth as he pulls me into him.  I bury my face in his groin and let him pound against me, sucking him, licking his shaft, grabbing his butt and pulling him harder towards me.

He thrusts 1, 2, 3 and I feel the throbbing along his whole shaft as he spurts his load into my desperate, wanting mouth. 

Cum for breakfast. My favourite.