Not hot, but real

I always intended this to be an account of our lives, which are pretty damn crazy all the time,so it seems like a warts and all account of our session last night (gushing orgasm, oral, dp, but not ‘mind blowing’ – he was too stressed over work) would be the authentic way for me to go.

I had a Hollywood rather than my usual Brazilian on Monday; I’ve been absolutely rampant since starting to blog about our fucking, so it seemed fitting to go the whole way. Anyway, things were a little sensitive Monday night so by Tuesday I was gagging to be licked, kissed, adored, fucked, pounded, anything he wanted to do to me.  I could tell he wasn’t quite his usual self, no touching or squeezing and knowing looks in the evening. Still, when I appeared in my very, very tight halterneck, floral dress (no pants) he got an immediate, impressive boner.  He told me to take it off….

I slowly, slowly pulled up the hem of my knee-length, skin tight dress to reveal my tanned thighs, and then my beautiful, smooth, kissable pussy. I couldn’t resist giving myself a little stroke, my fingers running along my labia, around my hole, my hand moving up my flat stomach to my breasts, a little pinch…As I pulled the dress over my head, I knelt on the bed before him, legs wide apart.  He lent towards me and kissed me right where I wanted, but it wasn’t with the passion I was hoping for, and the spark wasn’t immediate.  His tongue went to work and I could feel the ember of more desire, and laid back to let him go to work on me. His fingers found my vagina but he was going through the motions.  A little disappointed, I gyrated my hips and found myself getting hotter.  More thrusting into his hand and mouth and I was starting not to care.  He came up for air and I wanted to taste myself on him. I grabbed his face and pulled him to mine, thrusting my tongue into his mouth. I licked his lips, his face, grabbed his hand and sucked his fingers.  I wanted him inside me. I felt for his cock but he wasn’t quite ready for me. I KNOW just what to do about that bad boy.  I leaned down and kissed the tip of his semi. I licked around his head, kissed it again, and gradually sucked him all the way into my mouth, pausing, nuzzling, wanting to  drink him up. I stroked around his balls, gently tickling them, only just brushing them with my fingertips. I ran my fingers along his perineum towards his anus, back towards his cock, over his balls, still sucking on him. It was starting to work. I deep throated him.  I had to be fucked. I started to finger myself, working on my clit, round and round, then delving deeper. He wanted me now.

He grabbed my shoulders and pushed me back on the bed. He pushed into me hard. Fuck,too quick. I tensed and he pulled out a little, then pushed back into me, slower now, kissing me. Trying.  We found our stride and the rhythm was working its way through my body, easing me towards orgasm.  He squeezed my nipple and my thrusting became faster, urging him to pound into me.  He squeezed harder and I could feel myself letting go. I was squirting. Yes!  

One of the unexpected joys of being completely smooth is the lack of traction. He slipped out of me! Hey, no bad thing. That’s just another excuse for him to rub the tip of his erection around my wet pussy lips, around my clit and then into my hole, pushing deliciously slowly into me again. The sensation, after my orgasm, an onslaught of nerve-tingling pleasure.  He thrust into me again but I could tell he was tiring.  I know what to do about that….

I push him off of me and back onto the bed. I look into his eyes and say: “I know what we need”.  

I mount him. I bend down and kiss him as softly as I can. Slowing things down. Showing him I am going to love him into submission. I kiss him again, use the tip of my tongue to lick around his soft lips.  I move up and down his erection tantalisingly, deliciously slowly. My tongue slides into his mouth and he responds. I kiss him deeper, harder. I bear down harder, I have to sit up, feel him against my g-spot. I grind, grab my tits,squeeze. I am moving faster. He isn’t pushing into me. I reach down and grab his ass. I pull him and I push into him.  It’s not going to work. I dismount and smile.

Me: “Hey, you’re stressed, you ok? You made me come anyway. God I love it how you do that”

Him: “Sorry, I slipped into your arsehole with no lube”

Me: “Err, no you didn’t?!”

Him: “Really? You are so tight today!  Let me do that again”

I mount him again and he fucks me hard. I want it now. I rub my clit. I rub my tits. I reached round and massage his balls.  He’s hitting my g-spot again. Oh my word, here it comes…. I gush all over him.  I luxuriate in my orgasm, slowly writhing. I move off him and bend down to lick my cum from  his stomach, balls, dick. He groans. He grabs me and pulls me to his side, wanking himself.  I want a bit of that action and lay down next to him, fingering my hot, wet,smooth mound. He sees what I’m doing and watches, I bend round. Still finger-fucking myself, getting in position for that tasty cum of his to hit me in the face.  I am about to climax again and I feel him tense. I can’t stop myself, as I cum again I manage to suck the end of his cock and drink him up. I save a little to share and we kiss hard and deep again.

We lay there exhausted and spent.  We’re wet, we’ve come.  He starts to talk business.  I resolve to wank myself to sleep later.

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