Review: Rocks Off Berry Butt Plug (large)

Rocks Off Berry Butt Plug (large)

A delicious looking blackberry-shaped bullet. Matt-black Silicon, fitted with the ‘RO-80mm bullet’ (7 vibration settings) for anal or clitoral pleasure.

We’ve tested this on me (F) and him (M). I’ve used it in my anus and on my clitorus, he’s used it on his anus.  

I’ve had multiple orgasms since I bought this toy (as a present for him!) 2 weeks ago. I got very steamy when I tried to write my review the first time, and the *sexually explicit* story is available here: A New Toy for my Hot Man.  I was sceptical when the beautiful tattooed shop assistant told me she’d used it on her clit, as I’m more of a Rabbit fan, but she knows her stuff.  I’ve come a couple of times using it for clitoral stimulation.  It’s definitely worth playing with the vibe settings as fast did nothing for me anally, but quick, quick, slow was exquisite.  Of course use plenty of lube, and get horny first. Make the anal insertion part of the hot play.  Don’t try to force it in.  I’ve used slow circling motions, and in the heat of the moment, I found myself using it as I’d use my fingers, starting with a slow rhythm, gradually increasing the speed and the pressure, slowly allowing my body to relax and enjoying the stretching feeling. The vibe, once inside, is deliciously arousing, and I’ve found that plenty of manual clitoral and/or vaginal stimulation gives me instense, wet orgasms.  This is my first vibrating butt-plug, and one I’d highly recommend.


  • I love the various settings (see tips below)
  • It’s a great looking butt-plug
  • It’s multi-purpose


  • As the name suggests, this is a larg(ish) butt-plug.  I was fine with it, but I’m used to (actually really, really like) a little pain with my pleasure.  He found it a little too big the first couple of tries.

Where to buy


  • Quick, quick, slow (vibe-setting 3) is my favourite for intense anal arousal, it’s his favourite too.
    fast (vibe-setting 1) is my favourite on my clit.
  • Use lots of lube, on the plug and your anus.

Score (I could have scored it higher, but this is my first review, and want to leave some leeway for even better products!)

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