Mellow Vibe

I can’t believe how dirty and explicit I got so quickly! It’s so horny for me to know that people are reading about me having sex that I’ve been getting caught up in the hot, sticky, wet moment. I’ve feeling more mellow today, lets see if you guys still like my stuff…

We had a long, hard evening of the dirtiest, wettest sex last night, but I know if I start writing it down I’m going to get myself going again. I’m already moist thinking about it. I’m going to think about what I want to do with him later.

To go with my mellow vibe, I’m going to wear white. I’ve got white stockings with a pretty little read bow, going to have to be worn with my virginal good-girl white bra, crotchless pants just make me look dirty (as if!) so white and frilly, or maybe commando. Red stilettos will tell him that I’m not quite the good girl I’m pretending to be.

I’ll start by gently kissing his soft lips, the tip of my tongue will slide agonisingly slowly around his mouth, and using the most gently of brushing touches, I will caress his muscular arms and up and down his back. My tongue will start to explore deeper into his waiting mouth, and I’ll slowly lift up his top to reveal his stomach, chest, erect nipples… I’m going to have to play with them, flicking them with my tongue, starting to move my hands firmer down his back and towards his round ass. I’ll push him onto the bed so I can lick and nibble at his chest and stomach, while my hands find his zipper. Hmmm… someone is having a good time, I touch his erect penis through his trousers. He will groan and I will tantalisingly use my finger nails so that he can really feel my desire up and down his penis through his trousers. I know that delicious pre-cum is waiting for me inside. I undo his button and slide the tip of my finger down into his pants. I’m only going to touch the tip and get myself some of that tasty juice. Hmmm, I lick the drops from my finger and head down with my tongue for a little bit more. His saltiness is delicious, I pull down his zip so I can get my mouth on his throbbing bell end and gentle nuzzle and suck on it, flicking so gently feeling the smoothness of him, wanting to taste more of him, wanting him to enjoy what I’m doing to him. Loving him.

I can’t resist and gradually take the whole of his penis deeper into my mouth. Edging deeper and deeper until he is completely inside my throat. I use my tongue to caress his shaft, sucking and licking, knowing my man is in ecstasy. He wants me, I want him. How does and innocent virginal good-girl deal with her naughty desires? I let his fingers find my sex. I didn’t wear pants. He’s on my clitoris with the tips of his fingers as I gently nuzzle his manhood. Oh, it feels like this good girl is going to get just what she wants. I will be getting wet and won’t be able to resist the temptation to bear down on his hand, wanting his fingers inside me, wanting all of him inside me. He won’t let me have it yet, tease!

I want to kiss him. I push my face deeper into his crotch and swallow. He writhes with pleasure. I slowly,slowly withdraw, flicking my tongue around his delicious erection, running it around his bell end, sucking his frenulum, and licking the last of his pre cum out of his hole. He grabs my shoulders and throws me down on the bed. Looking at me, drinking me in with his eyes, desiring my body. He kisses me gently on the mouth, his tongue on mine. He kisses harder and his hands start to explore the tops of my good-girl stockings, the soft skin on the inside of my thigh goose-bumps at his tender caress. His mouth starts to move down my body. kissing my neck, sucking and nibbling me there, enough to make me thrust towards him. His fingers are softly finding my labia, running up and down them, brushing against my clit, brushing against my vagina. His lips are at my bra, he bites my nipples gently through it. I arch my back and feel my orgasm already starting to mount as my juices slicken his gently caressing fingers. As he slowly slips a finger inside me, his tongue slips inside my bra and starts to flick my erect nipple. My hand reaches for his cock. It’s still a little wet from my tonguing and I squeeze it gently, then harder as my arousal takes away my self control. He circles my clitoris with his thumb and he finger slides in and out of me, and he kisses my mouth again, his other hand pinching my bullet nipple, twisting and pulling it making me thrust harder onto his hand. I’m not sure I can be a good girl much longer. I gyrate against him, and rub his rod with my whole hand, making sure I give that tasty bell end an extra little squeeze, just as he likes. I want it inside me.

I move my hand so that I’m rubbing his perineum and the bottom of his tight, smooth balls, then gently pull him towards my waiting hole while I pull his hand towards my mouth so I can lick off my sweet, salty juices from his fingers. I can feel the tip of his penis against my labia, a little push and my labia part and he starts to enter me. I let him do the work, allowing myself to feel his shaft as it slips slowly into me. My hands on his ass, pulling his cheeks apart and his manhood deeper inside me. I am starting to get lost in him, I have got to let go, I have to buck against him now. I start to come. I grip him tighter with my vagina, it’s pulsing against him, he starts to thrust out and in, our rhythms perfect together the ecstasy fills me, waves of pleasure through my whole body, he squeezes my nipple again and I am melting.

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