Just a little taster….

..I’m starting to feel like an addict. I’m thinking about, writing about and having sex so much it’s getting  in the way of my work and family life. We spent 9 hours fucking this weekend. But when it’s this good, it’s hard to stop.

So, I’ve sworn off writing about it for at least a couple of days (it may be obvious that I get a little worked-up just thinking about what we do to each other), but I couldn’t resist reliving the dirty, naughty little moment when….

We were in the middle of another session of hot, sticky, wet, delicious, horny, hard, pounding, loving sex and he was rubbing my swollen clitoris and labia.  He could tell my my grinding and groaning that I wanted him to do what he does best, and make me come all over him.  His rubbing intensified, as did my mounting orgasm, I could feel the familiar energy building around his touch, deliciously growing.  He could feel it too and started to lick me, his tongue stroking my clit then delving deep, deep into my vagina, I grabbed his head and thrust myself into his waiting mouth. His tongue moving deeper into my hole. That was it, he started to suck my clit. I LOVE it. His rhythm perfectly aligned with mine, his sucking making me lose myself, his tongue intensifying the pleasure.  I couldn’t hold back. I let go. I came into his mouth, he continued to suck, juicing me, drinking me.  Oh it felt so good. Then his fingers found his way to my g-spot again, rubbing.  He looked at me. He looked like he had something naughty in mind. Oh I can’t wait… It was hard to concentrate, I could feel another orgasm mounting.  I wanted him to be naughty. He continued to finger-fuck me but moved his face towards me. He Kissed me. I could feel my mouth filling with salty sweet liquid. It tasted good. Very good. He had released my cum into my mouth, filling my mouth with my delicious juices.  I felt so dirty, so naughty, so aroused! I sucked the last of my cum from his tongue then licked what I could off his face.  He knows just what this woman wants.

3 thoughts on “Just a little taster….

  1. Found your stories from a reddit post you made. You have a talent for writing, and a delicious taste for how to experience life (particularly of course in the bedroom). Can’t wait to see things progress. 😉

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