He has found my g-spot, he likes to drink my come

I set this account up months ago and I’m finally getting around to posting!  It feels like I’m writing in some kind of journal for now. I think I’m going to have to find my voice over time, so bear with me. 

I’m a 40-something mum of 4. I run 2 businesses with my husband and we have a lot of sex. Maybe some of the things we experience will be interesting, maybe not.

I see a lot of porn in my job, and no I’m not an escort, fluffer, pornographer or pimp. I look at what other people have been viewing online, and a lot of people view a lot of porn.  It’s not always my cup of tea (scat anyone?), but coming off of 2 months reviewing straight(ish) porn, all day, every day, at work, I am rampant!

We had years of trying and failing to get pregnant, so sex was definitely something we just had to do, but since we had twins, and decided we weren’t having any more, our sex life has reached another level.

We’d had guests staying and they’d just left, so we were both gagging for it.  Once the kids were asleep I decided it was a knee-high socks kind of night (it very often is), black frilly tart pants and black lacy bra, full make-up (of course).  I think I popped on a little black dress too.  He’d remembered to have a shave (essential for oral) and poured the wine…

He was impressed with my outfit, that was obvious. Deep hard kissing and lots of tongue action ensued, and I was already wet.  As soon as he starting pinching and licking and biting my nipples I was lost. Grinding against him I was throbbing and the feel of his erect penis against my thighs and through my pants was too much to resist. I nibbled at his ears, his neck and then down his chest. Once I reached his stomach, I was licking and sucking, and my hands found his thighs and his delicious, smoothly shaved balls.  He likes a bit of gentle, soft tickling around them, up around his perineum, and of course his cock, especially that pink smooth bell-end and frenulum.  Once I had touched his cock, it just had to be sucked.  I had to resist simply gobbling him up whole, and started under his balls, licking sucking, tickling.  Very gently taking each one into my mouth I started on the hand job, gentle at the base and firmer as I reached the tip,then my tongue starting to explore his shaft.  I love it when he gets even harder when I pleasure myself, and I LOVE to pleasure myself, so taking him deep, deep into my throat, I ran my hand down my stomach and into my pants. God was I wet.  The deep throat and fingering almost tipped him over the edge and he grabbed me by the hair and pulled me off before throwing me onto the bed and going down on me, knickers to the side.

Oh. My. Word. How he knows where to put that tongue to give me such exquisite pleasure, I don’t know. Gently, almost frustratingly slowly, he circled my clitorus. The pleasure tingled through my groin, down my legs, I was already pushing into him, wanting him to go deeper, harder. He slipped his tongue down deep into my vagina and I screamed with delight. He has found my g-spot. He likes to drink my come. He fucks me with his tongue, hooking it into my g-spot, sucking, using his his finger, his fingers. I come, I squirt, he drinks it. I have got to taste it. I grab him and pull his face to mine, I kiss, lick, suck, want to eat him. He fingers me hard and deep, deeper. I come again, wanking him off.  We can resist no longer and he enters me. Hard. I push into him, grab his fucking delightful arse and pull him into me.  We fuck, our rhythm gets faster, faster, harder. We kiss, lick, rub our hand moving over our bodies, I drag my nails down his back. I grab his arse, pulling his cheeks apart. He’s going to come, withdraws.  I am so ready for more. I turn over, take of my pants and lube my butt hole. He’s watching. He knows what I want.  He can’t contain himself, gently at first, and with our hands helping, he pushes his cock into my arse. Oh, the exquisite pain, the exquisite pleasure.  I resist, then push, resist and push harder. We are lost. He pushes his whole shaft into my waiting butt. I push back harder. It feels dirty and so damn good. Our rhythm speeds up again, we push harder. I like it. I want more of it. I stick 1, 2, 3 fingers in my juicy cunt. Oh god, I come again. So does he.  It lasts and lasts, we are as one. We are so good at this.  It’s what we do best together.


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